Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dust: An Elysian Tale (Demo)

Its Strider Fox Dude (He is a Fox right?)

This is honestly one of the best Demo's I've played in a long time.  And to be honest I have no complaints about this game. Usually I have issues with Adventure/Platformer/Whatever games generally in the difficulty department or when it comes to the amount of time to get used to the game and you're thrusted into a new problem.  This demo did things very well. The selection of difficulty levels makes things very fun.

The story and tutorial transition works really well. I mean storyline is rather obvious and seems to play things rather safe but the comedy is good. It doesn't seem to irk me with really bad (and obvious) innuendos unlike other games. If I was to dig for something to complain about I'd say the controls at times don't respond as well as I hoped.  The game tends to think I'm mashing when going for specific inputs. Otherwise this game works extremely well. No wonky movements, no awkward controls, and even the lowest difficulty setting can provide a bit of a challenge.  So just cause its a low difficulty setting doesn't mean that you're 100% safe and will be untouchable.

I don't care much for graphics but these are hittin.  I imagine random ppl will complain about voice work cause its not done by "a famous VA".  I also imagine ppl will throw around the whole "furry" term as well cause of the character design...honestly who cares get over it.

I would definitely want to spend points on this game when I get the money.  It honestly seems like Downloadable arcade games are getting MUCH better than today's rather sub par on disc $60 games. Definitely a game I will find some time to invest in when I get the money.

1200 MS Points Will have to wait on this obvious gem.

P.S. They know of the the No-Clip Cheat! 0_0  (No-Clip cheat = clipping through walls)