Tuesday, August 21, 2012

ToV: The First Strike DVD (Possible Spoilers)

Well I haven't slept since 3pm yesterday and I'm forced to stay up now due to circumstances (its 11am now LOL)  I should have done this a long time ago. Well lets Talk a bit on another Tales Game that gets a movie/OVA/anime.  The ever popular Vesperia.

While we know everything that went on in the game and pretty much every main character's past. Lets dig a bit more into Yuri Lowell's past.  Pretty much we find out exactly why he left the nights and is pretty much a vigilante always getting into trouble.  Also find out a bit more on the whole Blastia usage and its effect on the world.  We also find out more about Flynn and his reasons for staying with the knights.  The characters are all pretty much intact as to how they acted in the actual game. You see pretty much all the characters show up except for Judith. I didn't see any sign of her.  A nice movie no major complaints.  A lot of ppl complained that they couldn't get original voice actors for some of the characters but it doesn't really apply to me at this point.  (I think only Rita's VA is the only one not original.)  Puppy Repede is honestly really cute and rather funny.  If anything at all its practically hypnotizing putting him there.  The movie does contain its hard moments one I couldn't exactly bear to watch. It wasn't gruesome or anything just felt really really sad. Pretty good movie for an hour and some odd minutes and worth watching.  You honestly won't get many questions answered about the game itself just solidfys some points made by the game.

Spoiler Points: What's revealed in the Movie and what's left unexplained (Major Spoilers: Honestly if you haven't played the game then don't read.)

  • Alexei is revealed to have already set his plan into motion on using Hoplon Blastia regardless of what happens to the surrounding areas affected by its use. It is revealed he will sacrifice anyone to achieve his goals.
  • Raven is shown to be working for what looks like a different guild and that his skills came from experience over years of his rather mysterious past.
  • Karol is in the background of one scene carrying out work for another guild in the background.
  • Rita shows that she pretty much lived alone most (if not all) her life and was a reknowned genius at a very young age.
  • Flynn's reasons for doing things by the book type attitude are revealed in great detail.
  • It was never explained how Repede got the scar on his face but it is shown how he got the pipe.  (The game implies that Repede was a stray and that Flynn and Yuri took care of him when he was injured. Very confusing timeline.) 
  • Estelle doesn't do much but has a chat with Flynn.