Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mo mo mo MON MONSTERS!!! (Monster Rancher 3)

Try and keep this short and sweet.  I loved the anime.  I played the PSX game (Monster Rancher 1) a seriously long time ago. Loved it (despite how unforgiving it is) got this game back in 2008/2009.

I would say this game is your average pokemon game but its more on the lines of the old Gigapets we all used to have in the 90s.  You get a monster you raise it as best you can you battle.  Beat the crap outta other monsters. Profit.  So really its more like the old Digimon Digivices from ages ago.  But if you want a game to compare it to compare it to Digimon World Championship for the Nintendo DS remove evolutions to a degree there you go.

The best gimmick that has this game stand out over all those other wannabes is the fact that you can use your own CD/DVD's in an attempt to get a monster.  And in today's world we have a lot of CD/DVD's laying around the house.  The only downside to this gimmick was that if the game didn't recognize your disc (either due to it being scratched up, a Gamecube disc, Wii, etc.)  You ended up with a Moochi with really basic starting stats.  Yeah not all that great. But messing around with this gimmick I ended up with some seriously weird monsters or cool ones. (Still trying to find one that has a dragon).

For Example:

  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol. 1 DVD disc 1 = Tiger  I guess his cat Cringer is a Tiger? I don't know.
  • He-Man and the Master of the Universe Vol. 1 Disc 3 = Pixie.  Want a knock off of Persona's Pixie or a wannabe Morrigan here you go. 
  • Evolution 2: Biansnow  To me it looks like a Baby Lagiacrus (Monster Hunter 3)
  • Prinny Can this Really be the OST = Bosco looks like the gnome version of a dog.  Looks pretty cool lol
  • Random DVD-RW = Griphyon  This was awesome it looked like pokemon's Combusken/Blaziken combined with Starblade Alpha's Zelkin.  
There's other times where my monster will get taken away from me either cause I'm apparently not high ranked enough.  Or due to they don't know what that monster is.

Mana Khemia 1: OST = ???? I don't know I'm taking it from you.  
Me: *explicit* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Training a monster is just like digimon.  Basically they train  raise there stats.  Have to rest from time to time. May learn new moves.  The tournaments is where you fight it out.  And they are unforgiving.

Your rivals all have a set strategy in mind.  1 of them is set to beat you in stats all round another puts all her effort into speed and power.  Even one that focused on defense.  Beating these guys is no joke.  Especially if you're attempting to raise your rank.  

The main thing that bugs me in this game is the RNG. Or really I should say the A.I. pulls a last ditch effort to win.  You can be winning then for whatever reason all your attacks miss leaving them to the crap outta you or hit you just enough to win by time.  I've actually had a moment where the enemy won by just a sliver of HP.  Its worse that you get your butt kicked so hard that your monster has to rest for a couple of weeks to months.  Not only does it reduce your monster's lifespan but it also waste precious time you could be spending training.  

All in all still fun.  I went with the Griphyion monster and made it to B rank. Unforntunately he died before we could take on the A rank. Leaving his heart behind so he can share memories with another monster whoever I choose next. I'm still going through CD/DVDs to find a monster I like lol  which is very time consuming.  Overall this is a good time-wasting game as well as being fun.  I couldn't believe how much time went by playing this game as well as not being bored while playing it.