Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pokemon Rumble: A Story of How Pokemon Are Put In There Place

Well here's a Time Waster...oh wait All Pokemon games are time wasters aren't they? -is shot-

Get Your 12-inch Magmar Today While Supplies Last

Well this game is Pokemon but instead of throwing balls at creatures that may or may not wanna stay at there new apartment. You beat the living crap outta them. Oh and they're not real Pokemon....THEY'RE TOYS!!!! The game itself is a beat-em up style Pokemon game.  How you collect Pokemon is that randomly as you're beating the crap outta them they may turn into motionless toys for you to collect.  Problem with this is...You'll feel like a Bug Catcher that gets 5 or 6 of the same Pokemon before you get something you want.

To advance in the game you just constantly keep going through stages till you get a Pokemon toy that reaches the power requirement specified for each rank.  There are password Pokemon as well but don't expect much if you live in the US or EU.  Also those obtained by passwords have a set power limit as well as not allowed to go above the current specified power. So if you needed a Pokemon toy with over 300 power your password Pokemon will be set at 299 until you beat that Rank's Battle Royale.  They're still useful though.

He's Baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk...

Mewtwo's Been Taking Lessons From SHUMP Games 

Multiplayer is where its at though.  The game becomes even more chaotic making sure that you or your friends don't suddenly die.  What's a shame however is that you can't transfer any of these toys to the actual game. Cause they're toys.  Oh well....It does seems rather easy to complete the entire pokedex of Kanto all the way up to Sinnoh.

Yep There's Extra Modes More Toys To Collect!

Gotta Collect 'Em All

Shaymin vs The World...Well Kanto Region