Sunday, September 30, 2012

SD Gundam GGeneration OVERWorld First Look and Rumors

Well from looking at this game personally.  I found a few notable things.

The graphics have taken a drastic step up.  I mean a drastic step. A lot of attack animations have changed. Kira's Beam Spam as ppl call it has a new animation more like to his time on SRT/SRW.  00 Qant's attacks have changed to resemble that of the movie.

Oh yeah there's some serious nerfs.  The heavily reliable Super Critical Tension has been watered down.  Attacks that target multiple enemies do less damage to the extra targets cut practically in half.  A lot of big attacks and certain transformations have been removed from the game as well.  Which is weird.  Ptolemios 2 has lost its Trans-AM ability.

-Well a Ton of Warships have been added.
-No doubt a lot of gundams were added.
-2 Different Modes - World and Core Mode
-Custom Soundtracks
-Master Abilities

The missions are still the same in a way.  However just a few slight changes.
-You are now able to perform both challenges during the generation breaks in the same mission.
-You can capture the Secret Units that appear.

Overimpact is a situation where if you perform the last Generation break all the allies will turn to enemies and attack you.  However you are able to capture one of those units. Core mode does something different and I have yet to confirm it

What I found is that the AI does not play around in attacking.  They will attack anyone that is deemed the weakest link and even take shots at your warship. The enemy is not prone to let an oppurtunity slip away. The game is still fare by letting some newly appeared units just sit and wait a turn.  Hit rate is more like a SRT/SRW game.  Although you may have a high chance of your attack connecting (say 90% for example). It is now more likely to miss than before.  Unlike World you could play it safe knowing that attacks with 70% hit rate or higher would connect.  This however is no longer the case.  The changes to certain attacks and certain gundam forms have either been removed or nerfed.

Multi-hit attacks are no longer in the game.  It would honestly look as if they still are at times but they are not.  Multi-Lock attacks are nerfed.  The main target will take the full damage however any extra targets will take half the damage of the attack.  I see this as a good thing as certain units will not quickly outshine the entire team.  I've also noticed that certain attacks have different animations if you're finishing the opponent with the move.

Master Abilities have been added.  The Master Unit will be able to make use of 1 time use (per mission) abilities that range from 2x EXP, Healing, Capture Units, Power Boost, 100% hit rate or even guarding. Simaller to that of SRT/SRW games of using abilites these however vary from character to character.

This game should be fun. I cannot record it however with my PSP-3000 out of commission.