Tuesday, September 4, 2012

September Update: A Lot of Things to Do No Time To Do It All

After that busy month of August for myself (it didn't look like I was busy to you but for me I was actually busy).  I find that things I want to do (in terms of relaxing and having fun) I can't get done or have no will to get done.  Man I'm undisciplined -_-.

I still want to get my backlog of games finished.  I honestly find it a truly hard time to make an effort to turn on any system I have.  Heck past 2 and a half weeks I pretty much required friends to help me even think about playing games. Thinking back to my depression I should honestly see a doctor but the whole money issue arrives.  At least I can deal with it a little better these days.

I'm still generally playing the same stuff well attempting to.  Just trying to find the will to finish em before I start something else.  I managed to pick up Solotorobo: Red the Hunter with the help of a friend.  I'm working up a list of things to sell again...trying to clean up my room from all the clutter.

Not much to talk about. Well talk about freely anyway.

I added a CBox to the right maybe that might bring comments.  I highly doubt it but well there it is.