Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sonic Adventure: Part 2

This stuff takes forever to convert. But Continuing On

Knuckles' Story

Time: 1 Hour 12 Minutes
Got lost trying to find the statues to open up Lost World.  I keep forgetting the first statue is where you start. Also doing some silly antics gliding around.  Knuckles bit in the Tikal's timeline is rather weird as well. There's times where the Dreamcast won't load the event forcing you to leave and come back later.

Speed Highway: 

Not much to talk about here.  Having Tikal show you where they are makes this cake walk.


Poor Sonic Statue LOL.

Chaos 2: 

Hitting this guy from behind is rather tough at times cause he'll unexpectedly turn around quick.  Honestly the hardest of all Chaos bosses IMO.

Red Mountain:

Very Fun for Knuckles so much to explore. But the level at times can be...glitchy? Wind supposed to carry you upwards but doesn't, etc.



Chaos 4: 

Even more of a joke when you have controlled gliding.

Lost World: 

The placement of these emeralds were unbelievably simplistic. I'm usually going to the very edges of the stage for em.

Sky Deck: 

Wow seriously simplistic placement. Barely had to move the ship at all.

Chaos 6:

Apparently I kept clipping through the floor preventing my jumping and even more so preventing maximum heat knuckles attack from activating.

Amy Rose's Story

Time: 59 minutes 37 Seconds
Its all about keeping your max speed.  Easier said than done. There's also a glitch with the Long Hammer. You are not able to get the hammer at all during her story due to forced events happening on the Dreamcast version.  You would think you'd get it before Zero but you can't due forced events happening.  The way to get it is to beat your previous high score after Hot Shelter is completed. Problem is after finishing Hot Shelter you are forced to the outside of the ship and if you attempt to go back and play the mini game again a forced event happens removing you from the Egg Carrier.  So you must get it after you beat her story.  Problem is the game does not save that you acquired this item. Meaning you must do something that makes the game save in story mode.  Also if you play the mini game in Trial Mode you'll get the hammer but you will not be able to use it. This also bars you from ever getting the Long Hammer ever again.  Don't worry Long Hammer is rather useless anyway.

Twinkle Park:

I only hate the mirror room section as at times its hard to run without running into a wall.

Hedgehog Hammer:

This was rather simple I usually fail it a couple of times but I got it. Easily.

Hot Shelter: 

Surprised Zero didn't clip through the floor like last time.

Final Egg: 

He did show but didn't do anything.


This fight is just stupid.

Big The Cat's Story

Time 59 Minutes 45 seconds
My recording of this got messed up after Twinkle Park...You can imagine my frustration redoing that.  Anyway. Big's story is about Luck well any fishing anyway.  I forgot about the Lure 3 upgrade so I had to go back and find it....Very Frustrating.  Froggy in all Action stages tends to give you the finger a lot by grabbing your lure and then letting go. The game gives also gives you the finger with having random fish grab your lure instead of Froggy.  Best way to go through this is to first find Froggy then fish near there.  Lure's help somewhat but its still all luck.

Twinkle Park - 

First Find Froggy then pray that he takes the lure.

Icecap -

Find the Lure since Froggy is right there in front of me.

Emerald Coast-

Froggy is literally nearby and with the Lifebelt so easy to get.

Hot Shelter-

Walk a bit event then get Froggy.  

Chaos 6

I hate this one.  Really it should be simple. But half the time your shot misses.  So its a true test of luck.

E-102 Gamma's Story

Time 57 Minutes 41 Seconds
Gamma's story is fun.  Jesus Yamato beam spam started here LOL. You honestly don't need the Laser Blaster upgrade but it helps big time.  Beta MK II actually did a rare move for me and launch more than 5 missles then charge. He really tried to draw out the battle lol.

Final Egg 

Destroy the Sonic Doll oh and get that Evil Tails Doll as well.


click bang, click bang, click bang

Emerald Coast

Enjoyable shame the stage isn't that long.


Bang Oh no, bang Oh no, bang Oh no.

Windy Valley + E-103 Delta

Fun. So many targets to hit.

Red Mountain +  E-104 Epsilon

Apparently has the ability to recover health so yeah. Missed the speed up due to the music acting up on me....

Hot Shelter + E-105 Zeta

The 2nd most unique of all bosses.  Honestly hard to keep time up for the Rank A requirement.

E101-Beta MK II

The Epic Battle. Love this music.  

Super Sonic's Story

Time: 27:50
Everyone knows this story.  So No need to explain.


Its Super Sonic Nuff Said JK.  I was honestly off by at least 20+ seconds of my original time. Oh well.