Monday, September 17, 2012

Who I would have loved to See in UMvC3: Capcom Side

I already know this is way too late to say anything about the roster. However this is not some giant rant about how Capcom sucks. These are just characters I honestly would've liked to have seen in the game personally.  My logic on the choices are generally based on amount of series characters, themed, personal favorites, and unknown/unused games. I realize that there were some internal things going on which forced certain characters however I would've liked to seen the following. With that said lets start with Capcom Side of things.

MvC1 Ryu

The fact that he can transform mid combo and keep going is reason enough

 I state this Ryu first off as he had the ability to pull off Mimic Ken and Evil Ryu transformation super giving him basically Akuma and Ken's moveset.  Generally a personal favorite character of mine in all of the Capcom Vs Series.  I honestly think this Ryu fares better than the one we have now in UMvC3 with his somewhat useless 7 second transformation.  IMO

M.Bison./Vega (Dictator)

I Loved Playing as Bison in the Old Marvel Days

His time in the Capcom Vs series wasn't that great of a track record.  His appearances in the games generally threw him into the NEVER BE picked pile.  He was literally a glass cannon with no real combos (he has combos but the chances you would start any is apparently little to none).  But this is really the only other time we see the guy with a fireball (other than Alpha series).  I would love to see what this guy would say going up against Wesker, Magneto, Galactus etc.  Not to mention the guy looks awesome in 3D graphics.

Someone from Street Fighter 3

A lot of unused characters here with great potential

Seriously these guys never really got to jump into a beat the crap outta Marvel characters fest game.  I've heard some people say Chun-Li fits that role but she's more based on her Alpha series and SF4 series.  Considering things why not Twelve, Remy, or Oro.  That would be awesome to see.

Hauzer (Red Earth/Warzard)

Definitely just a fan wanting these guys in

The game really does lack big guys. Wouldn't hurt to have one more. And this guy a freakin dragon.  So why not?  Heck his original moves actually seem to fit Marvel vs Capcom more than Fighting Jam.

Kenji/Murkuro (Red Earth/Warzard)

We Require More Ninjas

Honestly for the sake that we can have a ninja fight between him and Strider Hiryu.  Make things worth it.  And this Ninja uses a gun too.

Leo (Red Earth/Warzard)

Its Somewhat Zangief With A Sword

UMvC3 IMO lacks slow power guys. Leo can fit that category easy.  He's slow but has range and uses a sword.  Even has a command grab.

J.Talbain/Gallon (Darkstalker/Vampire Savior)

I wanna recreate this in Marvel 3
I'm still a little steamed from the whole "here's an alt color that looks like that character bit."  I still wonder why he wasn't included or really never considered.  Considering the last Darkstalkers game on the PSP.  You could turn him into a old school Wolverine.  Seriously I could see the werewolf being a top tier character in UMvC3 given his moveset.

Jedah (Darkstalkers 3/Vampire Savior)

Lets write a few characters' Last Words...Lets see Wesker,
Doom, Joe, Zero, Thor, the list goes on

I already see this guy as a gimmick character with keep away that can rival Morrigan.  Add with Capcom's lack of bad guys in the game.  I would love to see Jedah write Vergil's will LOL.  And there's a certain ending on Capcom Fighting Jam of what was appearing to be a match between Dante vs Jedah.  So...seriously I would want to see that.

A Megaman character from either the ZX series, EXE, or Starforce series.

The more I think about it. The More I see Starforce Megaman
being in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or Persona 4: Arena

Ok so people want Megaman. well the way I see it.  We already used X series, Classic, Legends, and Zero series.  Lets grab a character from one of the unused Series.  To me it honestly doesn't matter who.  But using Zero again after he's been in TvC why bother. Some people call it simple laziness on Capcom's behalf. But I just say use someone that hasn't been used.  It couldn't be that hard.  We're also lacking a 3rd Megaman character in the game itself.

Astaroth (Ghost n' Goblins)

Ok this guy is in the background of the UMvC3 stage.
But I do believe he has an alt form that can be used.

Ok he's not as famous as the trolling Firebrand/Red Arremer or Arthur in the series but he is the final boss of most of the games so...Why not.  I honestly never played the games but would like to get to know the game a bit more.

Maximo (Maximo)

Yep he's part of the Ghost n' Goblins series  but more importantly he's a character that fell off the map.  This guy could be the close range version of Arthur easily.  And fit the 3rd spot for a Ghost n' Goblins theme team.

Sieg Wahrheit (Chaos Legion)

If Dante can fit in...why not this guy?

I don't expect anyone to remember this game at all.  Chaos Legion was called by many the Beta version of DMC3.  You can find similarities between the 2 games.  But they are different.  Considering this guy's abilities.  His legion summoning would easily fit the role of supers, assist, and specials.  And if you wanted a character that stood out from the rest (like Strider) well here's your guy.  

Strider Hien (Strider 2)

The real question to ask is...Why not Strider Hien?

A long range version of strider.  Evil. A rival for strider.  Yeah I'm all for it.  

Junpei Todoroki (Tech Romancer)

Ok so Jin Saotome is dead. Here's an idea lets grab this cool dude.  And his Giant robot. 

Crazy lookin anime dude + Giant Robot....
You Qualify.

Byakko/Black Hayato/Rai-On/June (Plasma Sword)

Funny how quickly Hayato fell from Top Tier
Plasma Sword obviously would fit in with UMvC3

Honestly any character for the replacement of Hayato. The reason I say Black Hayato since he's generally a different character.  Kinda like Ryu and Evil Ryu.  You can make that excuse they're hunting Hayato but now Hayato has released his dark side and will kill anyone in his way.  Besides plasma sword also looks interesting.

Wayne Holden (Lost Planet)

We took RE characters and threw them in Fighters lets try another
besides we've seen the giant robot from his game show up in TvC
Lets give Chris Redfield a run for his money.  We'll see if all those steroids and boulder punching helps him here.

Jubei Yagyu/Jacque Blanc/Nobunaga (Onimusha)

Already have some fighting game experience under there belt so this should be easy.

Well we used the main character from the 4th Onimusha game lets use some characters from the other games.  Gotta get these guys to be known.

Accel/Wang-Tang/Vargas (PowerStone/PowerStone 2)

They honestly might be too random for UMvC3 LOL Oh wait

During the time where Anime was dominating the US I remember this game was talked about often and constantly compared to DBZ. While that makes no sense in itself.  I honestly would love to see these character make the cut. 

Rival Schools/Project Justice

This game is freakin insane.  Considering the system I would
take this over Marvel LOL.

I can't think of any characters in general. I think we were lucky to get Kyosuke in CvS and Batsu in TvC. I think it would be nice to see some more involved.  

Breath of Fire

If it was Fou-Lu to be added. I already
see him to be like Vergil but with

To be honest I rather leave these guys alone. But well lets put a dragon god Ryu, Fou-Lu, etc in.  Besides it wouldn't be fare to have only 1 Capcom God (Ammy) in there all by herself. (Breath of Fire IV the dragons were referred to as Gods)

Monster Hunter???? (Wat)

The more I think about it. The Felyne's could easily
replace Servebot.  Heck might be Servebot 2.0.

This one honestly is a joke between friends but you can easily take a character out of his or her roots and throw them into a fighting game.  That's proven time and again.