Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who I would have loved to See in UMvC3: Marvel Side

When it comes to Marvel I don't know of many characters. But there's a ton of characters I wanted to see for the longest. Especially considering from what I've examined first of Marvel. In that universe Everybody knows EVERYBODY!!!  Its also been generally established that Marvel characters > Capcom Characters. At least from what I've been told while playing Marvel 2.


Probably lose the annoying infinite he has though.

Ok this is generally cause I miss the trolling with Blackheart...but he's really awesome of a character.  Yeah you can go Dormammu is Blackheart but....Dormammu isn't named Blackheart now is he?


Who needs Cable. I got this dude.

I totally wanna say Gambit but thinking about it....BISHOP!!!  Ok to start off.  MvC3 and UMvC3 has been complained a lot about how the characters in the game are mostly gimmicky.  Ok...want a true Gimmick character.  Here's Bishop.  The awesome guy that can absorb energy fired at him and he can redirect it.  And he's far more awesome than Cable ever was or ever will be....whoops...the fan came out a bit there.


Don't look into his eyes...no look at them LOL

Total fan.  But his ability to absorb mutant powers and apparently hypnotize others.  Giant Pterodactyl dude go.  I honestly can't see how he would fight....maybe a slower version of Firebrand?

Black Panther

I like him better than most of the current avengers in that cartoon.

Considering the whole Avengers bit.  Not basing off the movie but the fact that there voice actors are the same as the ones in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.  We got practically the whole gang but Black Panther as far as I remember.  Only thing that would be rather awkward is apparently Storm is married to T'Challa...and T'Challa is Black Panther......so....yeah.....


Oh hey Cable Jump Heavy Venom Fang

I seriously want him back.  He was my answer to keep away characters.


I want someone with electric powers.

We need another Spiderman villain. And honestly need more ppl with electric powers. Not the greatest villain but still rather cool

High Evolutionary

Honestly could use another Psychic that isn't Jean Grey (Phoenix)

I originally thought this dude was lame....he kinda is....but then I found this guy has psychic powers.  So he's not that useless for a villian.  His ending would fit in UMvC3.  Defeating Galactus he finally gains the power to create the world as he sees fit.  Everyone as animal/human breed monsters.


Watching various X-Men series I learned you don't mess with Sinister.

Well we go the Marvel equivalent of Wesker I suppose.  Different motives but pretty much did the same thing. Enhanced body by gene-manipulation, blah blah blah.


Know my name and fear it. I AM ONSLAUGHT!

Maybe a smaller non-boss version of this guy. Its freakin Onslaught fear it.

The Punisher

Hey Chris I don't need military training and steroids.

Capcom has gun wielding dudes like Chris why can't marvel have any?  And no RR doesn't count.


Seriously Steal other characters moves again plz.

Assuming they give her the ability to gain the opponents special move again.  That would be awesome I honestly never saw a major difference in MvC2 when she gain special effects. I do worry about the whole "Goodnight Sugar" super however. Thinking about who she's kissing its easy to see other people will instantly think negatively about Rogue kissing "certain" characters.

Omega Red

Seriously I can't think of why not to have him.  I mean we got someone that's pretty much H,H, Jump S (Ghost Rider) Should have the original innovator of long range chain moves.  He does a better job than what Ghost Rider does with a chain.

As you can tell I don't know my Marvel characters well to give a complete list.  But I do know who I like from what I've seen.