Tuesday, October 30, 2012

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (I have a feeling that there will be new version)

This is another one of those titles that fall in that category of other people say it sucks for X reasons.  I actually put this one off for a long time generally due to fans and hype.  Moving on.  This game isn't about the blonde spiky haired kid Cloud Strife. Its about the optional character from the famous FF7 game. No not Yuffie that would just be fanservice you perverted people you. This about the other optional character Vincent Valentine.  I don't remember if this takes place before or after the movie.  Don't care as I wasn't really fond of the movie for many reasons.
Someone ate his last KFC wing. Vincent is not pleased.
Basically after FF7's ending. The world more or less went to crap in the course of 3 years. So all the characters that are alive are generally getting together to try and restore the world and help people stay alive (All the minor characters like Reeve, etc.)  Midgar is a wasteland now.  The town nearby Kalm (you know the one that's easily forgotten and you only need to go there about 2 or 3 times) is throwing a party for being able to recover from the disaster that happened. Vincent gets an invite how nice of people to remember him.  Unfortunately as things are looking mighty peaceful a group of people rush in guns blazin, and kidnapping the townsfolk.  That leads us to start off Vincent's part in this mess.


Running through the tutorial.  The controls are something to get used to.  I want to edit the controls but I'm rather afraid to do so considering I ran through the game a bit. My main 2 problems are using magic and using items via shortcut.

Starting the Main Game

Wow I suck LOL.  WTF That's Vincent's VA.  And that's Reeve's OMG Awesome.  Galian Beast is awesome as well to run. I still question why did they change its look. Even if for a better one (those that don't know the original FF7 Galian Beast was similar to a behemoth. Now its a wolf.)  Cait Sith immediately shows up for Comic Relief.  The game reminds me of the old Devil May Cry days (before DMC3).  This will definitely take some getting used to.  It rather sucks that the game doesn't allow you to jump over certain objects. Wonder how much of this is connected to Jenova....But man like always the Shinra Company has tons of secrets.  Just like every other government. LOL. Camera controls are rather alright.  I honestly could use a camera that'll show me and the enemy. That First Boss I figured that there would be some sort of Weak Spot so I tried finding that first. Not really successful but it ran away.  When it came back again. I found the weak spot and I wanted to snipe it. But the boss was like "I'm not having that."  But found that running in a circle and machine gunning it is easier. I think the hardest part in that stage was figuring out that I needed to run away from the infinitely respawning enemies. No wonder I didn't make it in Halo lol.

This game is rather difficult but fun.  I'm more engaged in the story if anything else.  Really cause I kinda like the FF7 story in some cases.  getting some character development for the minor characters.  Too bad there's no real development for RedXIII!!!! DAMN YOU SQUARE ENIX!!!! *shakes fist*

Now addressing the title of this blog.  I went through the manual and found that there's a Cell Phone game of Dirge of Cerberus. With different missions and what not.  I can honestly see SE milking FF7 again by making FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (Directors Cut). Which would add all Cell Phone Game Exclusives plus the main game.

Top Left: Dirge of Cerberus' Galian Beast Form.
Top Right: FF7's Galian Beast Form.
Bottom: FF's Behemoth

Note how they look similar. However the DoC's version looks more like a werewolf. While FF7's looks very similar to that of a behemoth.