Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Monster Rancher 3 (3 Monsters Later)

The more I play this game the more I'm into it.  Seriously probably one of the best not widely known games I've played.  It really feels like I could be in the anime of Monster Rancher but with an epic storyline.  I seriously gotta do some fan art for this game. This series is probably one of the best I've ever played and I've only played the first one and this one.  Its a shame that this series died out.

Like I've mentioned before. Your monster has a set time limit to live. About 3-4 in game years average.  So time management and focusing on training is a must.  I personally like training my monsters in an all rounder type deal.  The A.I. rarely does that. Generally I see most A.I. players focus on power and speed. Which is good but has the fault of being a glass cannon.

As you know my first monster was a Gryphion.  I would say its TECMO's version of the pokemon Blaziken.  Freakin awesome dude he was.  I was still learning the ropes so he suffered some major losses. But still faithful and pulled some serious wins out of nowhere.
Zalken my Griphyon before training

My Second one was actually a Tiger class.  A Ryulon to be exact. I thought the horns on it were pretty cool looking.  I found it hard to raise him a bit with that vegetarian trait on him but he's still a great monster.  He didn't take losing sitting down. I could almost say he had his own X-Factor LVL 3 in some situations.  His great achievement was pulling me up to the A ranks which allowed to use most monsters in the game.
Soran my Ryulon before Training

My latest monster (now dead).  I finally picked up a Dragon.  Shimurug to be exact.  This took going through hundreds of various disc to find.  You honestly can't go wrong with a dragon.  The only thing I felt I did wrong was giving him such high Guts costing attacks.  But in the end it still paid off. ESPECIALLY at the end.  Opponent doesn't block Inferno = Dead.  He lasted all the way to the S Rank. And even helped me discover the final set of tournaments the Big 5.  I have to say this dude performed beyond all my expectations.
Gramzon my Shimurug before Training

What Is The Big 5?

Its the final set of tournaments in the game.  With single elimination rule set. You defeat your opponents then take on the best Trainer's monster for that region. Once you complete The Big 5. You're allowed to challenge the toughest monster in the world.  Wonder what that is.  The main problem I have with it is that the tournaments are so spread out through the Year even worst than the Tochikan Fiestas.  Gotta win them all and hopefully not die in the before I finish all 5.  Sadly my Dragon died after the first one.  But at least I know what to expect.  At the point I was at I didn't need anymore training I felt like. And this wasn't me being overconfident.  I felt content with my actual stats that I barely had a decent challenge in most ranked tournaments.  Oh well wonder what monster I should train next.  Cause we're going to the top.