Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sonic 06 "Last Episode" *Spoilers Yeah right its well over 6 years old now*

I've heard what certain people had to say about this game. Its no different from what I've heard before.  I have given a listening ear and basically it all amounts to how that person can't tolerate this game.  And its really the same complaints I've heard about every game. To just say "Its never been this bad before" I can easily point times where it was much much worse.  Anyway my thoughts on this game have not changed in the past 5 years I've owned this game.

When everyone comes together to save the world. Because of Dr.Eggman's (Dr.Robotnik's) stupid actions once again the world (actually the universe past, present, and future) are in mortal peril approaching the brink of total destruction. Sounds familiar right? Roughly the same thing that has happen in Adventure 1, Adventure 2, Shadow, and Unleashed. Notice a pattern here?  Well we got 2 more stages to run through.

End of the World: No not the Yugioh Ritual Spell Card. And no not that lame 2012/rapture rumor.  We're referring to the stage in Sonic 06.  Basically the goal for all 7 remaining characters (remember Blaze went to another dimension and isn't affected by the current events for whatever reason) to gather the Chaos Emeralds to save a dead Sonic. Not as easy as it sounds.  The fabric of time and space is ripping apart at the seams and the Emeralds themselves were scattered about. What makes this hard is not the enemies but the "fabric of time and space ripping apart." To simulate this we have portals of the evil Solaris scattered about that randomly show up and try to kill you." The dark ones act like black holes drawing you in however pretty easy to escape from if you just make an attempt.  The Red/Orange ones throw random crap at you.  To stop this or well get some peace for a few seconds you have to hit the eagle like switches.  If you don't make it to the switch in time or just never touch them at all. You end up making the game much harder for yourself than needed. Really all you need to do is just keep moving. Its very easy to mess up a good run cause you ended up doing something stupid.

Tails: Honestly easy once you have a good view of your surroundings. His flight makes it easy to get away from the portals of death. 

Omega: You can glitch the game to shortcut it but you don't need to.  Probably the hard thing is making sure no one clips you off screen while you're hovering to the next platform. 

Knuckles: Shortcut the stage. Short and simple. If you're seriously gonna deal with the enemies you're a braver soul than I am.

Silver: Somewhat difficult. There's a section where you're generally running as hard as you can to get to a safe area away from the Purple orb of Death. But the platforms you use to ascend you can cheat and just stand on the very edge. Also you might miss the spring you need to advance if you're put in that situation.

Rouge:  Really....this is just painfully simple.

Amy: No need to be sneaky here. Just make it to the end. Don't go invisible for anything. It's not worth it.

Shadow: What's funny is there's a route that will net you a ton of points in ring bonus should you decide to take it. Its also easy to sniped off the rails if you're not careful or watching where you're going. Good thing there's multiple routes.

Solaris: 2 Phases.  The first phase is more like a game of guess who can damage the boss.  The 2nd Phase is a little more lenient towards that and he'll randomly block your attacks.  Still easy like any 3D Super Sonic Boss.

Ending: Sorta disappointing as usual basically this made fans rejoice by saying it never happened.  But we still got another Hedgehog and there's still what to wonder about Blaze the Cat.  Lesson's Sonic and friends teaches with this story. No use standing around take action.(Sonic's Story)  Just because people hate you for doing good doesn't mean you have to stop or hate those ppl. (Shadow's Story) Take the time to examine the events of the past to know the correct path for the future. (Silver's Story)

You unlock Hard mode of this game which is really just the hard mode acts.  Its not really hard just more enemies to deal with.  No big changes unlike the DLC for Unleashed. Achievements I'm not really concerned about. Unless I know I can get them with ease. I never bother to get all achievements. I have too many games to worry about stuff like that.  I would get the DLC for this game but I'm not big on most games DLC unless its worth the time.  (Like Blue Dragon's, etc.) Its really just a Very Hard Mode where you play as other characters in various acts, a challenge mode with the side characters, and boss rush. They're about 150-200 MS Points so that's about 2 - 3 dollars each. Like Adventure 2, Heroes, etc. not worth it unless you wanna just show off to your friends.

Last Words: Honestly I still like this game.  Not the best but definitely not the worst Sonic title I've played.  Its one of the games that actually challenges me to play better than normal.  You can say glitchy, broken blah blah blah (I won't believe you and refute your arguments with ease.) all you want but I like it as opposed to what we have today. Sega IMO actually did well with this game. Sure it was rushed but at least its not lazy and so easy that you can just breeze through the game in about 2 hours or less.  In terms of 3D Sonic titles I would throw this in 4th of the 10 (or was it 12 I don't keep track of this stuff anymore) 3D Sonic games that's out there.  But that's just me.

I still don't see why this game is hated on so much.  To me it just sounds like a fanbase drew a game out of a hat to hate on.  Especially considering the same words is spammed that you hear about every game:
  • Glitches
  • Broken
  • Graphics
  • Voices
  • Don't like this character
  • too hard
  • its not how I wanted the game despite protesting to get what I want
  • I got what I want and now I don't want it
That same song is sung about every game in existence. I've sat down and listened to what people had to say about this game.  And I've heard the same crap over and over again. "But its never been this bad before"  -smh- Mainly the fans over exaggerate the things in this game.  Especially that Super Sonic scene. It was a simple cartoon kiss (seriously you see this stuff in cartoons all the time). And the fanbase throws it out there as beastiality. Really what concerns me is how a fanbase will jump on your case for liking this game (or any other).  But I guess that's the world we live in.  Sad but true.