Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sonic 06 Silver's Story (Please Stop Giving me Ammunition)

The best comment I've received about thoughts towards any game would have to be this. "I can see why people have issues with this game, but i think it's more so about if you can manage to put up with what's wrong at times, like you do."  Reason I can put up with this game.  Cause I've played games that I feel are far worse in comparison and yes even Sonic games. So honestly I like Sonic 06. Unless you can throw me a reason that isn't pointing out the obvious crap that's stated about every game, I will still like this game.

On With Silver's Story

Honestly Silver's story reminds me of the whole DBZ Android Saga.  Including the History of Trunks movie. He's in a future where everything's destroyed. Only person to help him is Blaze.  Goes to the past to change it. Silver being Naive till the near end thinks the future can be changed doing only 1 action. That's till he's sat down (in a sense) and forced to think about what he's doing and learn there's another way. Gee the cast of KH BBS can learn a thing or two from this. I honestly don't get why Blaze is there and doesn't remember Sonic. Actually I wonder why they didn't force a meeting between those 2.  I still wonder which officially came first in terms of story Rush or 06.  

Ok my only problem with Silver is that his voice wasn't what I thought it would be when I saw the original trailer.  But that's a minor gripe and I'm actually cool with it now.  To add a new spin he's a hedgehog with Force Powers.  Well the Force Choke, Push, Grab.  While its not the best character its at least something different from running and jumping everywhere.  His stages as long as you don't die and kill virtually everything you're good.  His moves actually take out enemies rather quick even the big ones. Bosses on the other hand require some effort. Still a fun character to use.  What you say he's not fun....How about a Force Choke then.  

ACT 1: CRISIS CITY: Getting a feel for his story again.  Nice to take things slow for once.

Iblis Phase 1:  Gotta remember to aim and not to throw 30 things at once.

TROPICAL JUNGLE: So easy to end up going in circles.  I keep forgetting I need to go up and how I get up there.

WAVE OCEAN: BLAZE: Fun Its like Sonic's but no real homing attack.

TOWN MISSION #8: I need a Lightsaber and then I'm good.

DUSTY DESERT:  Metal Gear Amy!!! Man I could so use those moves back in Adventure 1. Oh that ball puzzle?  You mean the one that only took 2 tries.  Ha and I don't need a glitch to S rank this. Yes rubbing it in your face.

BOSS 2: SONIC: Throw stuff at him. OMG He threw a chair! FIGHT!!! (points to who gets the reference) Need to have Amy do that to him.  Then Sonic will listen.

WHITE ACROPOLIS: Fun to explore. I only find it difficult to aim properly at the searchlights for extra points. 

EGG GENESIS: There's a guy that did this in less than a 1 minute 30 seconds. So I obviously need to improve. 

TOWN MISSION #12 : Metal Gear Amy is back. I probably shouldn't have wasted time taking the rooftop.

TOWN MISSION #11: Metal Gear Silver. Even the guards are just as dumb.  Honestly I think he can just walk right in and they wouldn't say a word.

RADICAL TRAIN: Probably the easiest of all 3 versions of Radical Train. 

SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG:  I find it very easy to lose track of Shadow. Especially when you run out of stuff to throw at him.  Then his Chaos Boost adds to the problem when Chaos spear can no inflict damage.  

AQUATIC BASE:  Shadow I think everyone (mainly Hedgehogs) can use Chaos Control.  Sorry man your move ain't that special.  Anyway Probably the only time where I truly need to gauge jumps properly or die.  Honestly as long as you don't die you get a pretty good rank. 

TOWN MISSION #14: A good thing they target Anna but a bad thing as well since she can be dropped pretty quickly. 

TOWN MISSION # 16: Do what you usually do. 

TOWN MISSION # 17: Right, Right, Left,  Simple But time is not your friend.

TOWN MISSION # 18: What do you mean I can't grab Lasers....I just did!!! 

KINGDOM VALLEY: The main confusing part is where you use Silver's trick to use the box to ascend And make sure not to go crazy with the Pendulums. Robots are also at that awkward height where Silver can't reach. Not to mention they are aggressive. Sucks I know but doable.

FLAME CORE: Probably the hard part is a desired route. Since you gotta move and react quickly.  Breaking the Iblis core just watch out for the shock waves and don't move till it completely dissipates. You could probably get an easy S rank if you make the effort to kill everything in the stage. Meaning backtracking.

IBLIS PHASE 3: Probably the only thing hard is learning restraint.  If you throw every rock you grab all at once you'll get little results.  You're also on a pseudo-time limit. If Iblis hits your platform 3 times (or throws a giant rock at it and you let it hit) you're dead.  But honestly this is one of my fondest memories in this game. Nothing like throwing a giant rock at your enemy especially with Force powers. 

Ending probably explains Blaze in the Sonic Rush series a bit. If you think of it that way. being sealed in another dimension with Iblis inside her. I also think of it as taking place before Sonic Rush a bit. But it can be after as well.  Either still an awesome ending.  And if you're still questioning how I compare this to DBZ's Future Trunks well think about it.  Future world destroyed. Iblis = "All Powerful" Androids, Blaze = Future Gohan, Silver = Future Trunks, Dr.Eggman = Dr. Gero,  Mephiles = Cell,  Different outcomes but very similar in more ways than one.  

Next Week I'll do Shadow's Story. Probably the easiest or hardest of the all 3 stories in my opinion but also has the most action.