Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sonic 06 Sonic's Story

Let's skip past all the comments about why you think its a bad game, cause in all honesty I don't care.  I think its a rather good game. Not the best but far from the worst.  I can ask around why people think this is a bad game and I generally receive the same comments that you would hear about ANY other game list.  You know the reasons as you hear them commonly from virtually everyone. It also comes to mind that I've played games that are far worst than what the masses say.  I could list them but that would take another blog post.
  • Bad Voice Acting
  • Graphics
  • Glitches
  • Programming
  • Some minor problem about the game being different from before due to something like new characters, game play style, etc. (believe me I feel its a minor issue)
  • Bad Plot/Story/Characters
  • Because everyone else says so...
Yeah...Generally the reasons you hear for EVERY game that's released.  Anyway, This is Sonic's Story. Even examining this for the 6th or 7th time I still can't see why people hate on this game?  Is it cause of one mistake results in death?  If its glitches that's every game in existence (especially considering SEGA's track record).  I find this a major step up in every department when I consider the last 3D Sonic game (Shadow the Hedgehog/Sonic Heroes) had faults that I feel were addressed properly. I also know that a game stepping into unknown territory (XBox360/PS3) is rather rough for everyone.  In a nutshell I've found nothing to convince me this is a Quote, "Terrible P.O.S." Guess what its an opinion.  If you want to hate me, unfriend me, blah blah blah. I honestly don't care.

Sonic's Story

You know the whole classic adventure.  Sonic's just doing his thing and just happens to be in Soleana at the time.  Rescue's Elise. The thing no one keys in is Sonic's life lessons he teaches to Elise. I'll bring this up later but he keys in 2 points that actually comes as excellent advice.  The first being his quote "If you got time to worry, then run." Which means why spend your time worrying unnecessarily about what may happen when you could be spending that time actually doing it.  The 2nd one "Nothing starts until you take action."  Which explains itself.  I'll bring this up again later in when I do Last Episode. Reason I bring this up now is the fact the last few 3D Sonic games (namely SA, SA2, Shadow, Unleashed, Black Knight, Secret Rings) have a pretty decent storyline that no one pays attention to. 

When it comes to Sonic's Story I generally dislike the 2 stages where you're stuck with Elise.  Although you can still perform the same actions as normal its slightly annoying.  Although cracking Jesus jokes ensue everything I see it.  I remember someone telling me the use of those gems makes the game broken. Honestly if you actually make the effort to abuse them they are.  They only make the game slightly easier.  Besides I never go out of my way to buy the gems unless I have excess rings to spend.  

The speed sections are easy or hard depending on how well you know the stage.  But really what I never really see anyone use is Ring Dash.  It actually makes your movement faster and places you on the correct path to take most of the time. The rest of the time its like playing a racing game and its your 1st or 2nd lap. See what's ahead and imagine yourself 10 seconds in the future.  Like driving.

If you want to complain about load screens and load times I know of many other games that have even worst load times than this. There's also just simply installing/downloading the game.  


  • TOWN MISSION #1: I'm reminded of NiGHTs as I pass through the rings.
  • WAVE OCEAN: Pretty easy when making use of Ring Dash. Tails Snipping enemies as well.
  • EGG CERBERUS: Funny I caught myself in a situation where I didn't want to take damage.
  • DUSTY DESERT: I dislike this stage since I'm carrying Elise. Which has Sonic lose some actions available to him. The shield that makes him Jesus is useful to an extent. But its not a total waste. Mario should be rescuing Princess Peach this way.
  • SILVER THE HEDGEHOG: Unless you intentionally glitch this I find nothing wrong here. And of course if its your first time you're probably gonna die.
  • TOWN MISSION #5: Looking up notes. Oh hey that's how ya do it.
  • TOWN MISSION #11: Beat up robots
  • TOWN MISSION #12: Beat up more robots
  • WHITE ACROPOLIS: - The timing for the jumps is strict as well as landing. You also have to hold forward to move. But meh sounds like my days in SSX Tricky.
  • CRISIS CITY: I find this the hardest stage in the game for Sonic. Still doable. I'm bad at snowboarding so its something that I'll have to learn through constant play.
  • FLAME CORE: Long stage. Well Knuckles section is long. Its due to the lighting the sphere's since they tend to shut off after a bit so gotta backtrack.
  • IBLIS: I find this annoying since I've had experiences in the past where I had no choice but to take damage. Nothing to get frustrated over.
  • RADICAL TRAIN: Love this stage. Wish it was in the 2 Player Co-Op play.
  • EGG GENESIS: Easiest boss for Sonic ever.
  • TROPICAL JUNGLE: I used to hate this level for the fact that swinging from flowers was a pain. Then I got slightly better TV and its so much easier.
  • WAVE OCEAN: TAILS: Having fun as Tails
  • TOWN MISSION # 18: Look up notes ok.
  • TOWN MISSION # 19: Red Gem Abuse
  • TOWN MISSION # 20: I flipped a coin.
  • KINGDOM VALLEY: I'm reminded of Mario 64 when I was stupid and hung on the Owl forever only to die LOL.
  • AQUATIC BASE: Love this level too bad I got cocky at the end and jumped wrong messing up my score. Oh well.
  • EGG-WYVERN: Love messing around here.

And that ends Sonic's Story.  Now to flip a coin to see which character to do next.