Monday, October 1, 2012

Well Its October Here's the Update only 3 ppl read LOL

Uh What to talk about honestly?  I can't think of much.  I'm winding down on games I've never opened. So pretty soon hopefully by the end of the year I can go back and 100% games.

Anyone asking about that X4 bit I've been doing I honestly can't think of anything to write for it. There's also the fact that every time I think about it something comes up so its generally on hold.

I haven't exactly decided what to play honestly since beating Shining Force Neo.  Well play and record.

As for depression I've just been fighting against it more or less.  Generally distancing myself so I don't bring others down with me.   Hard to do but better than nothing.  I still have this stuff on sale on my other blog post.

As for what game I'll actually be playing you'll know soon enough.