Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma First Thoughts (Based on Match Videos)

The game hit the arcades and it seems the system has got the overhaul it needed for a couple of years now. Feel free to correct/inform me of any mistakes I've made case this is just an examination of what I'm viewing. I'm not Dustloop and I'm not grabbing my info from there. I won't officially know it all till the game actually hits console's (assuming it actually does).


The game flows at a MUCH faster pace. While the timer flows at its normal pace and matches end somewhere around 30 seconds left on the clock. It doesn't feel like you're waiting forever for the round to end.

Music and Sound Effects.

All the old character themes have been remixed.  I only have a problem with Jin and Tager's theme. Jin's theme seems to take quite a bit of time to get to the action part. Tager's I could barely tell it was his theme until about 45 seconds in. I get the same sense with Hakumen's theme but that's only if I'm not paying attention.  The sound effects have changed to a more exxagerated sound.  Slashes remind me of the times I've played game Strider 2 a bit. Punches and kicks sound like someone is getting brutally slapped.  Jin's Ice sound effects are there but not as noticeable as before.


The game has definitely a huge overhaul.  From what I've seen.

-The Guard break system from the old days is gone.
-Barrier Guard is still there but not used as much as before.
-Distortion Gauge (Super Meter) is still there and functions as normal.
-The Barrier Burst system has been overhauled to the old days of Guilty Gear or like that of Persona 4: Arena So it can recharge overtime.

What's new to it.

Overdrive System.
A definite comeback mechanic in some cases. Other cases its a mechanic to pull some of the most fancy SWAG you can think of. Depending on how much life you have remaining when its activated you get. Separated into levels (Full HP = LVL 1, Half HP = LVL 2, 1/3rd or 1/4th HP = LVL 3)

-move changes,
-freeze the timer,
-Freeze your Distortion Meter
-Become the unlimited version of your character temporarily.

At the cost of your burst you gain this option. It can seriously be a game changer in the right person's hands. However once this option is used your burst seems to take a LONG time to recharge. Also your burst recharge is more dependant on how aggressive you are it seems.


Lets start with the new guys.  There's 4 new ones from what I know (1 yet to be released).


This feminine dude fights with a scarf (or whatever you call em).  If you thought Hakumen had long pokes this guy takes the cake. His pokes are about as long as UMvC3's Ghost Rider's.  When most of his long range normals hit they draw the opponent in closer. But that's not the main surprising thing I've seen this guy capable of. His damage is rather dependant on his Spiral Gauge (I think that's what its called). This guy is capable of TONS of chip damage if allowed. His weakness seems to be fighting at close range or really speedy characters (Noel, Tsubaki, etc.). You also don't wanna just throw your normals/specials without care as a well timed block or overhead will make Amane pay for it.  However if Amane applies pressure its very hard to get out of it seems.


When I see her I think of P4:A's Aigis but an all close range version. You can probably put her in the same category as Noel and Tsubaki. Being a very dangerous close range speedy fighter. But you can also think of her as Arcana Heart 3's Zenia Valov but grown up. She has so many ways of putting you in the corner its not even funny. Just when you think you're out of the corner you're back in it.  That drive of hers reminds me of Aigis' Orgia mode minus the cool down time. The matches I've seen of her seem to focus mainly on overheads and creating some mad resets. Its rather obvious that this character focuses on pure aggression. I think she can get away with a lot of things and not care about whether they work or not. But if she's not attacking that to me seems to be her main weakness as it looks like she doesn't have many responses to a keep-away game or being kept on defense. A very likable character but seems to be rather execution heavy.


Hard to give comments on.  He's definitely a heavyweight but thanks god he's not a grappler like Tager. Seriously slow. But his dash is interesting as he teleports a short distance it also allows him to pass through the opponent.  While at long range his posses little threat but if he's close range don't give him a moment.  Although he's slow he seems to love it when you're blocking against him.  I have little idea how his drive works. It seems to add a weakness mark that stays for quite some time and if hit by certain moves the opponent is either stunned, crumpled, etc (I guess). His get off me attack is rather funny since he just glows and the opponent is blown back. So although a slow character he's definitely one not to be taken lightly he can definitely take some punishment and give it back ten-fold. It's obvious his weakness is his speed. But the raw power he has makes me look forward to this character. Maybe I can finally stop playing as the female cast.

I'll try an cover the old cast later. Since that's a lot harder to cover.  But if you want to watch more videos of this game This YT channel has been uploading a TON of videos daily on the game itself.

Even more so this channel has categorized the playlists based on characters.