Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dirge of Cerberus Chapter 3: No Camping For U and Aiming of the Gods

Chapter 3.  Oh joy.  I first tried to do this in a stealthy fashion. Only to fail miserably.  The real problem started when it came to the introduction of snipers.  While I got a Rifle of my own. They got one too.  When I tried to get cover so I could shoot I ended up getting shot myself there's also moments of the cover I'm hiding behind getting in the way so my shots that would be sure-kill head shots amounted to nothing.  So time for another approach.  I had to run and gun with rifle and attempt to shoot them down.  Determining the shots was also a pain since I couldn't see much out there. They blend in really well.  They also have the aim of the gods!!!

After that I get an escort mission. Protecting this little boy was rather funny.  If the dogs got him they would actually run with him in there mouth while he screams.  I don't know why I find that funny.  He asked for Vincent to help him take revenge. I feel a Batman moment here.....On to the warehouse.  More and more Snipers abound. And these soldiers didn't die in a combo. So WESKER GUNSHOT OTG!!! Quite funny.

The boss for this was rather easy. Take out his henchmen first then gun fight to the death.  Didn't realize his missiles counted as something I could kill.  After the fight is over.  We meet one of the antagonist.  Too bad no boss fight against her yet. But glimpse of Chaos form which looks WAY different from FF7 version. And like Anime style Vincent passes out with some hot chick standing around. What will happen next. I wonder.

Game is rather developing like one of Kojima's games (MGS, ZOE, etc.)  Story gets explained as you play through a bit of the game.  I honestly think I could run through this game in 1 sitting if I was willing to.

Chapter will come soon but just wait it out.  I think we're gonna get some more important plot to the FF7 story.