Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dirge of Cerberus: They really want to connect the series don't they?

With all the stuff that happened in the game in a very short amount of time.  I guess I can **** gettin real yo!!! Honestly this is taking the route of Shadow the Hedgehog a bit IMO.  But I lol that Omega Weapon has an actual major role in a story. Then I look back at Crisis Core and see some major connections with all the games.  Add to it I can see that SE is trying to connect the Final Fantasy games in one way or another with there subtle inclusions of certain bosses, plot devices, characters, etc.

Chapter 4
After Vincent's little skirmish with the crazy lady.  That's the nickname I'm giving her. He wakes up in a tube with Shalua standing outside. No nothing like that. Just DBZ healing chamber type deal.  Vincent gets a hint that his dear girlfriend may have actually been involved with everything that's going on more so than he originally thought. Unforntunately like Shadow the real memory of it. Before he Maria....errr....Lucrecia on us the flashbacks get interrupted by Deepground.

The dang stage itself at first started out easy enough. Then I ran into a dude on a chain gun.  WHAT?!  My major complaint for this level beside that was the chain gun section cause you have to be precise with your aiming.  Not fun.  The boss here was first Shelke....whom I couldn't beat with a gun. Every time I had a clear shot she would move off camera.  Haven't dealt with that since Ninja Gaiden II. She actually forced my hand and I had to go limit break on her since Vincent's melee was doing little good.  The next boss was rather fun and unique.  Azul.  Aside from being probably the easiest boss of the game.  It was very unique.  Shooting the explosive barrels and luring him over towards them.  Very clever SE, very clever kudos.  The end scene I had a good laugh since Reeve had a nice toy waiting for Azul.

Chapter 5
The sewers. Ok I had a decent time with this chapter till I got to the main part.  Dealing with Sahagins was rather easy.  It was when the soldiers showed up that I got frustrated. One with that room with the infinitely spawning soldiers.  Had to make sure I got everything in that room...I question was it worth my time? After that it came time for Cait Sith gameplay.  Its Solid Snake time.  I honestly think it would be better if there was a quick tutorial about Cait Sith's controls.  But this was fun.  Then he saw something he shouldn't.

Cait Sith: What in Blazes is that?!
????: It is Omega.
Cait Sith: You're?!
Reeve: Cait Sith What Happened?  Cait Sith?! Cait Sith?! CAIT SIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

MGS Game Over

Back to Vincent. Make it in Shinra Manor and we get some plot development.  Along with character development.  I don't remember these rooms in the Shinra Manor. And I could swear it wasn't this rundown last 2 times I was here.  The stupidest mission is disabling the mines.  To disable them I have to shoot them? But I can only shoot them by approaching them close enough to where they appear.  If I move away they make it worse I can't get to a safe distance.  -_- Bad SE no biscuit. Then crazy lady shows up.  She chats about how Vincent's the same as her and wants to kill everybody. Sorry but I think he value's life a little higher than you do.  Boss fight and its not her. Pissed me off.  I couldn't find a weak spot. Forced to Limit Break. Stupid robot.  Anyway with that out the way. SURPRISE STAB IN THE CHEST!!! How did Vincent not see this coming? Plot device alert.  The enemy has the plot device.  Then Vincent is saved by Yuffie. It was so obvious.  Not the scene but who threw the giant ninja star.  But Yuffie you forgot to snatch the plot device... Some Materia Hunter you turned out to be.

Chapter 6

Yuffie Kisaragi (Not related to Jin Kisaragi in any way) reveals herself. Someone shoot her.  I don't know why but I feel compelled to shoot her. VINCENT THANKED HER!!!....VINCENT THANKED SOMEONE!!!! WHAT WORLD IS THIS!!!! WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!  Yuffie gets clocked in the head. That's better.  It felt sorta easy at first but then again...I wish I shot more of those birds though. Can't believe I missed all those shots.  More Chain Gun shooting. Dang Helicopters would be easier if I was signaled where they were coming from quickly.  That boss makes a return and it has homing missiles.  For once the chain gun is useful.  Afterwards find the WRO headquarters is a bigger mess than I originally left it.  Azul's running amok. Holy Crap he turns into a Behemoth.  AWESOME!!!!  Well not for Shalua.....I think she's dead....ok no she's in a coma.  Well now what do we do?

Part of Chapter 7

Seems more like an intermission.  The Shera is back and so is....CID HIGHWIND!!! Aw yeah. Time for some chit chat with everybody. Get a recap of what's going on.  Then 3 more ppl show up.  Barret!!!! Oh wait no one cares for him..... The other 2.  Fanboys and Fangirls get ready to squeel.  TIFA!!!!! And CLOUD STRIFE!!!

Cloud: Difference between you and me. (puts on sunglasses) I make this stuff look good. *Rides off into the night.*

STILL NO RED XIII!!!!!! (According to Wiki he is in the game just not animated cause apparently it cost a lot of money to animate a cat in 3D.....*looks at guard hound enemies, looks at Advent Children movie, looks at FFX, looks at Crisis Core* BULL CRAP!!!)