Friday, November 16, 2012

FF7 Dirge of Cerberus The Action Kicks Up

It kicks up so much that the game split chapter 8 into 2 literal sections. Meaning I'm splitting it into 4+ parts. LOL.


So after landing.  Shelke calls sounding rather pissed. Ok so I'll take this scenic route.  Ugh....I gotta watch these WRO dudes. You mean Escort/Rescue missions.  It bugs me a lot cause I'm bad at protecting.  The main problem is you can't tell them to hang back they'll automatically move forward the moment you cross that invisible line.  Anyway a lot of WRO dudes lost there lives.  Heck apparently there was a lot more than I saw die.  But how am I supposed to save all of them when by the time I get there they're already getting shot by the pro AI.  The boss fights....uh....ok.... The first being rather fun. I wonder if that guy was going to summon more dudes I can kill.  I was picking up a lot of items killing all those units.  The 2nd one.  It was a prayer if I hit or not.  Shelke calls again. Can I have a better operator?  Then Stage Results....Wait....What? Its only half the stage?

Now I gotta keep a look out for a secret item. Cause to apparently get the hidden ending requires I find these hidden items.  Dangit.  Already finding 1 set of hidden items now I gotta find more.


Well this was more straight forward but I had to make sure I grabbed the G-File for the secret ending.  Kinda find that little mission funny since it was just 1 single soldier doing all the attacking.  Even more so I think its rather dumb the other soldiers didn't help out and just let there partner die. But on to the boss. Its Rosso. So you like Melee do you. How about I show you my best Melee...ow...ow...ow...ok not the best idea.  Well how about a long drawn out Gun fight? Well that works sorta....  Wait you don't have to kill yourself....It was a good fight.

Chapter 9

Oh boy.  Back at Shinra manor.  I remember it being big...but not this big. But I kinda felt like this is rather the easier of the stages.  It almost felt like I could tell when enemies were gonna show up.  Almost.  Oh hey Tifa....and Barret...and Cloud...sup...just enjoying that T-Mobile.  Thanks for the map I coulda used awhile back.On the way down....Its Azul....for a rematch.  Alright.....Oh crap he turned into that Behemoth again.  I only hate this fight cause it forces me to use Magic.  In my opinion that's a pretty dumb thing to do. Still standing....Well not for long. Chaos says you die by impalement. That ends Chapter 9 only a few chapters to go.