Monday, November 19, 2012

FF7 Dirge of Cerberus Ok this was just annoying

Chapter 10

This Chapter.......Really.....ARGH!!!! It starts out rather normal.  But later it gets really annoying. The main annoying part is getting those items.  I missed the last one which apparently is the Lucky Barrel S.  But now there's soldiers with physical protection (really protection for normal bullets). You really know how to piss me off right now.  But the worst of it had to come from surviving 100 Soldiers.....Yep a secret room I had no business being in. It paid off but that really pissed me off. Ended up taking literally 2 hours to finish this chapter.  Then Nero shows up.  Probably the easiest by far of all the bosses. I got a feeling of No More Heroes with this boss fight.  Meanwhile Shelke sits in the darkness...Yuffie acts a fool as usual.  Well the Gil I got made up for all this.

Chapter 11

Well this is obviously you're making it to the big bad pull out everything to stop you...Only thing that really bugs me is more soldiers with protection from my bullets!!!! And getting that G-File....A giant Chopper Boss....and then Nero's back. And he's ugly this time....ok....Uglier than before.  Rather annoying I thought I was gonna have to really kill him and the little amount of damage I was doing wasn't helping.  Oh Thank God Cutscene.  Well with that done we meet the big bad....OMG ITS SEPHIROTH!!! its not.....He could definitely pass though.  Ok seriously what's the deal with these White Haired dudes with a crazy hairstyle and some crazy weapon. What does this guy use? 2 Very long swords with Guns on em.  Yep He's using Gunblades.  Oh crap he's possessed by Hojo.  ...Sigh....Long time of explaining the plot...Sigh...Shut Up man.  Ok Vincent Devil Trigger Mode....kinda kidding.  I learned using Limit Breaker grants me a rapid fire shot for a good while.  Now that he's out we got only A little bit more to go. Could it be hero time?

Plot Summary

Take Shadow the Hedgehog, Throw Final Fantasy VII in it.  No seriously.  The only difference is that Shadow was trying to find out what he is or was.  Vincent wants to find out WTF happened in the past....wait....OMG. Its pretty much the same!!! Add a bit of No More Heroes feel.  Add FF comedy. There we go.  But I know there are fans out there that will rage and be like. "WTF YOU NOOB THEY ARE NOTHING ALIKE!!!"  Well this is what I think the game is like for me.