Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FF7: Dirge of Cerberus (Seriously Long Recap Chapter)

Chapter 7

Nothing going on here just a whole lot of talking. I mean a WHOLE LOT.  But the gang's all here...sorta.....(STILL NO RED XIII).  Basically the plot is explained again in greater detail for those who haven't figured it out by now.  With that said lets move on to the small stuff that I noticed.

  • If you didn't watch Advent Children (you don't really have to its just 3 boss fights with like 2 losing fights on the side and you learn that Cloud is broken LOL). This game confirms that Cid indeed marry Shera. You know the woman that could never serve that "Goddamn Tea".  You can also see that there are pictures of the Highwind posted behind Cid.
  • Genesis from FF7: Crisis Core is connected to this in some way. The random tidbits of conversation bring out that he is either the one who helped the members of Deepground revolt. Or he is the one who "signs the checks" to keep the WRO up and running.
  • We are on Cait Sith the 6th now.  I can only confirm that the first one died in FF7. The 2nd one died in Chapter 5 to Nero the Sable.
  • The chocobo ranch that only had 6 stables available has apparently flourished and grown quite a bit since FF7.  "Boco" is now a River Chocobo (Blue)
  • Obvious point out but there were more than just our heroes during FF7 and AC helping out. All we do is the main important stuff lol.
  • Cloud still has his epic bike and his sword Fenrir.
  • The people of Wutai notably Yuffie's dad is still alive. (You remember he was a boss during Yuffie's sidequest). 
With that out the way we can begin chapter 8.  Apparently Shelke found Vincent's Blackberry and upgraded it. I wonder what plan he has now.  You can see Cloud steal the show with his 45 seconds of showing on the game.  I actually cracked a joke of having Sonic and Shadow run into the battle busting up Eggman's robots here. Its very similar to there opening scenes in certain games.  I do know this. I just want to hug that little Cait Sith.  I mean I hated him in the past but for some reason now I like him a lot. 

Side Note: If you watch the video. Count how many familiar Voice actors you hear that aren't main characters.