Monday, November 19, 2012

FF7 DoC The Final Chapter Yep its that time.

Chapter 12

Well after massive amounts of Cutscene its time for Shado.......Vincent to go epic and save the world.  But not till after the fanboys and fangirls squeel over Cloud's entrance.  Anyway gameplay changes at the last minute that don't really get explained. Well the changes not that big but still need a bit of explaining.

Vincent whips out his Death Penalty which actually acts like a kill all on screen bit.  He's got a ton of bullets so no worries there. No more double jump. That's gone sadface.  His physical attack is a really long combo that doesn't really work that well.  His movement, reload speed, and recoil are really good now.  You can use your normal weapons but they suck.

Get in and some rather good Music from the band Gackt (I honestly don't know who they are) plays. I wonder how that song translates.  I'd like the translated lyrics if possible.  Anyway Vincent acts like Wing Zero in cutscene LOL. Seriously that Death Penalty is like a beam cannon. Now the next boss fight. Just annoying but doable.  And then on to the final boss fight.  Cutscene time. Wow no chat before the final boss. I'm liking where this is going.  Somewhat simple fight.  I only disliked the part where Omega Weiss did some attack that pretty much instant kill me.  I just kept shooting till he was dead.


Chaos Con.....Nope....Uh...The world is saved Omega is put to rest for the time being.  Vincent is nowhere to be found???? Hmmm....Oh wait what about Shalua?  Ok I guess we'll just leave her like that....THERE'S RED XIII!!! Well that was a really small cameo appearance.... Shelke seems happy with her life. OMG Vincent Smiled!!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! jk.... After that we get the Secret Ending. If you grabbed all 3 G-Files the Secret Ending.  Secret Ending....DUN DUN DUN????  Was that Genesis?  Uh.....uh oh????  So Uh....When's FF7 Part 6 coming out? What unlocks after is bonus stuff like extra missions (which sadly have no story value unlike the Cell Phone version of the game) art gallery, movie gallery, blah blah blah. and an EX Hard mode which lets you carry over your stuff to that game.  I'm only sad I didn't get to use the Ultima Weapon since it cost 200k Gil to get.

Thoughts of this game.

For everyone saying this is a horrible game I don't see why. I mean it can be better in a lot of ways but its definitely not horrible. The Story honestly felt like MGS at points as they dragged on the story for a good while. The controls weren't bad at all. I just found that the enemies being seriously smart and staying off camera or managing to snipe me from afar.  I think a real big complaint I have is not being able to jump on or off certain areas or unable to properly hide. Heck Sneaking around wasn't even neccessary since the enemy only detects you after you cross a certain point. I actually liked the gun customization and the balancing between leveling up or getting Gil.  The Chain Gun sections although few and far between were rather annoying you had to be really precise in targeting.  Probably the most annoying which could probably be solved by playing in HD (PS2 is capable of HD if you buy the component cables its not as great as 360 or PS3 HD but its something) would be figuring out where some enemies are. I honestly couldn't see some of the enemies and a lot of them looked to be in plain sight but they weren't.  They blend in with the scenery way too well.  Overall its a nice game.  But like the KH series it drags on to make SE money.  With this out the way on to another game.