Monday, November 5, 2012

FF7 - DoC NO CAMPING FOR U (The Player)

Oh Boy looking at some advance info.  I'm kinda made about the changes from JP (japanese) to NA (north america).
  • The aiming perspective has been shifted from an over-the-shoulder view to one behind Vincent for easier navigation of the surroundings. (I probably wouldn't notice the difference)
  • Weapons can be customized to be lighter, so draw-times are quicker. (cool)
  • Vincent runs 1.2X faster. (cool)
  • He can perform a double-jump while mid-air. However, the environments are unchanged, so despite a higher jump, the player often cannot reach areas within range. (That just sucks)
  • Attacks can be performed in the air. (cool)
  • Vincent's dodge roll was replaced by a dash move. (Why?)
  • Limit Breaks do not take away from the Magic Bar; instead, they are started by an item called the "Limit Breaker." (Well I don't know I find it rather hard to tell how much time I have left for Galian Beast)
  • "Easy Mode" is gone, replaced by an "Extra Hard Mode" (also known as "Super Hard Mode"). In the Extra Hard Mode, players can unlock numerous things such as 40 extra missions, character models, a music player, and an artwork gallery. (I kinda want my Easy Mode)
  • The Multiplayer Mode has been removed. Several missions from it have been placed into the game as extra missions, but all storyline elements are absent.  (I can see why but my story noooo)
Then there's also....the fact that there's an International version (International versions of FF games are the same as KH series' Final Mix).  Extra cutscenes. Stuff U.S. didn't get.  You know the drill.  So how long till it hits PSN as a "HD Version"

Chapter 2

Ok on with Chapter 2. Its actually pretty short but still tough.

We start off with a somewhat cool Infinite Chain Gun bit. Shooting Guard Hounds like crazy. I swear I like the way they looked in FF7. These just look nightmarish.  Aiming that thing is a pain for me.  Later come to find that we're stranded and Vincent is hoofing it.  Well no problem I guess. Except I walk straight into a boss fight.  Wow those guard hounds. I tried to Melee considering that them jumping all over the place was not gonna make shooting any easier. That didn't work at all.  That Red One kept running away to call more buddies. And they're smart enough to pick the blind spots. After that fight walking away from the leader who's playing dead. Vincent pulls a Wesker.  Kick, Bang, Bang, Bang.  You dead son.

This next boss fight was close call.  At first I decided I should go with Machine Gun.  They were doing that whole biker gang drive around deal. Didn't work.  Then they ran me over.  So Normal Gun then. It worked to a degree. The Semi-Auto Aim got the critical hits I needed.  If I felt safe to try it I woulda tried doing head shots.  That ends that Chapter.  Yep Short Chapter. Setting up the plot.

Chapter 3 Preview - I'M REDOING THIS ONE!!!

OK well we meet a very sexy scientist??? Is that what she is?  She kinda reminds me of Guilty Gear's Baiken the way she wears her outfit.  But she does have 2 arms.  This Mission....ARGH...Although I survived on Phoenix Downs.  First I tried to play stealthy. I thought well I'm in a city....and honestly I feel like Batman right now. So I should try to take these guys out with stealth. 


If that wasn't bad enough. SNIPERS. Yep Snipers. Although you get a rifle to use.  I couldn't get a good spot to shoot them down without putting myself in clear view.  When I did I found that I was too close to the object I was hiding behind even though the scope didn't show it in view.  And these guys Had the accuracy of the gods.  I swear not only was it hard to see these guys they just kept firing and they were pretty accurate with their shots. 

Snipers: You Mad Bro.

I wasted so many potions dealing with that.  It got worse when I had to deal with enemies that were right in front of me and snipers. Fighting back was just a pain. I praised god when I got to the boss fight. That was rather easy.  The end of the chapter. Glimpse of Chaos form. No but I like Galian Beast more though. I'm definitely gonna grind a bit and try chapter 3 again cause that was painful. 

I know not to expect gunplay from a 3rd Person Shooter such as MGS, Splinter Cell, etc. But when I think back to games that had similar gameplay styles. I think back to the old days years ago when I played True Crime: Streets of LA and Dead to Rights.  I remember those having a few gun play bells and whistles this game could definitely use.  The bullet time Gimmick I remember well. Even from other games hiding behind walls and shooting from them. A better dive mechanic would be great as well.  I honestly think its just those few things that stop this from being a great game. Its still good.  But those problems stop this game from being great.