Monday, November 5, 2012

Other Consoles You can actually afford coming this years.

SEGA *in that sound effect when starting a game*

So coming on November 13th of this year. SEGA will apparently release a portable console. With it you'll be able to play Some old Genesis titles on this handheld. It honestly looks like an N-Gage. Heck I would totally say its a Digivice or a Cell Phone.  For $60 you can get this and be able to play various old Sega games. With an SD Card you can download other various Sega titles and other common games (Sudoku, Chess, etc.). A USB cable is included with this and its rechargeable.  This will be a nice X-Mas gift for those that can't afford Nintendo's Overpriced Console or just can't get there hands on due to being sold out.

For a list of games go here to check it out. Just remember that there will be more coming in the future.

NEO-GEO's Back Again

If you don't want that you can also go out of your way for 199.99 (just say 200 dollars) and get the NeoGeo X Gold.  Well honestly not as expensive as it was back in the old days.  But basically the same thing as before but with up to date technology.  Capable of HD. As well as having a portable console.  Even an Arcade Stick. Plug this bad boy up and take a journey into the past. 

A list of games you get can be found here. But these aren't the only games coming out for it. There will be more carts you can buy for this system as well in the future.|11