Sunday, November 4, 2012

Went to the Atlanta Zoo

Although this was one of those days where I didn't get to hear of any plans before going.  This was a rather nice excursion.

Although the drive is like a half hour to an hour long trip.  It was still stressful to get there.  A lot of people are always in a rush to get somewhere. Even worse when asking for help on how to get somewhere me and my family got rather negative responses. Parking was atrocious.  It was to the point that people were out making there own parking spots. You know the illegal kind of parking spots.  After that was over we finnally got inside.  

Place was rather glorious since its my first time being there. Its funny the animals I wanted to see were either moved from there habitat's (either for feeding or other purposes) or they had there backs completely turned from the camera.  What also sucked was that my Phone's camera is crap compared to any given camera.  So I have pretty much no good pictures from my phone. Good thing my sister bought her camera with her.  

A few of the interesting animals I saw were the Bongos.  Yeah there's an animal called Bongo.  Its like an elk, deer or something with stripes. Like remember those animals from Lion King during Mufasa's death scene like those but with stripes.  The Tanuki's were interesting animals. And I went, "Holy crap they exist. I thought it was just a random Mario suit." LOL.  You could easily mistake them for a racoon.  

The main animals you know the ones everybody knows. Weren't really around.  The Giraffe's were busy eating.  

The Rhino's were like not giving anyone the time of day.  

The Tigers Oh man Such a pain to get a picture At one point they were in a serious blind spot. Another time they wouldn't come out of the water. The last time they just kept running out of view.  

Lions LOL.  The female just stayed in the top spot of this rock not giving anyone the time of day.  The Male one finally came down to graze for a bit.

  • The Gorillias were moved from the habitat and in a real leave me alone area of the zone. You could see them but no close ups today.

The big attraction was the Giant Panda. HANDS OFF THE PANDA!!! There were 3 Panda's One was eating like Snorlax. The other 2 showed up out of nowhere and you just get bulldozed by like 40 people all at once. What's funny to me is that one is actually named Po. Yes the Dragon Warrior is in the ATL. LOL
The Sheer Amount of Bird Species in one place is astounding.  

The Komodo Dragon was an interesting look. But stay behind that glass. I don't want to be bit by you.

The Elephants were busy eating. Took till the end of the day to get a picture.
Orangutans kept turning there back every time my sister went for a picture.
Those Are Bongos yep. Its not just an insturment



The Reptile house was very interesting. It was like a Where's Waldo for Lizards, Turtles, and Frogs.

Ok that Shell Design. I see where Final Fantasy Got there monster designs now LOL.  Seriously look at the Adamantoise monsters in FF series.

Animals Did not get to see.

  • Naked Mole Rat
  • Giant Tortoise
  • Clouded Leopards
  • Bush Dogs

I have no idea how many Movie, Cartoon, Videogame, Anime references was made. I think maybe 30+ references made.  Rather enjoyable day.