Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Street Fighter X Megaman Its Free So...

Like probably 700,000+ (probably way more than that) people of Capcom. They went out of there way to download this game from Capcom's site.  Its a totally free game that generally works with any OS (Although I hear Mac's and Linux can't do it???? whatever). After spending a good amount of time trying to download this title. I played it a bit.  Can't say I've beaten it cause I've quit midway each time.  I have beaten all the masters just not the final boss whom I haven't seen yet.  Lets strike the areas I feel are most important for me to address. No videos of this game till I feel like it. There's already a massive set of videos going around Youtube on it so yeah.


I seem to be the only one with this issue. But as I'm playing the game I get to the boss and no Boss music?!  Seriously where is it. Not only that but no victory music.  I posted this on Capcom Community's site and YT but no help (Not to mention everyone is concentrating on my frame rate issue that's caused by my recording software which I already stated I know how to fix. *eyeroll*).  

The other issue I had is how do I use my E-Tank?  I know some random person out there is whining, "Real Megaman players don't use E-Tanks noob." Well I say they wouldn't be in the game if they didn't want you to use them. Anyway I can't select my E-Tank despite having 4 of them.  I mean I don't have a problem dealing with this little bugs but I would like to enjoy my Megaman Experience to the full.  


The best stage IMO I would have to say the most engaging is Viper's. Most unique is between Dhalsim and Urien's.  Dhalsim's is sorta like a maze and unless you're stareing at the stage background and obstacles carefully you won't realize that you have to go in a sort of circle to get to the boss door.  I actually saw someone's comment complain about this going against everything Megaman is about.  Well you have to change things up at some point in your life. Its not Hershey's chocolate.  Urien's has sorta unique falling platforms (been done before I believe) As well as climbable backgrounds. I really wouldn't have realized the climbable walls if I wasn't falling back to old school Megaman Skills.  (seriously if you Megaman Anniversary collection with the tips on the game litterally teaches you the tricks and skills to make it through the game.)


Like all Megaman bosses you can beat them with the buster.  So they aren't too hard. They're not too easy either.  The inclusion of the bosses all having an Ultra Meter for that epic ultra combo is a nice touch. Even having the background flash if you die to an ultra is pretty funny to watch. Slide works on most bosses so I kinda feel like I'm playing Network Transmission and learning the bosses AI patterns.  Eventually I'll get them down to where I no damage them.  I also noted that if you do damage to them and die you see PERFECT! across your screen.  Definitely a unique boss designs going here even if they're based on simaller attack patterns of there SF Game counterparts.


Its a free game so I don't expect much. Heck actually I didn't think I'd see this much from a free game.  I guess good Freeware and Shareware still exist I haven't exactly played anything good that's pretty much free in a long time.  If there's a way to fix my issues I'll get full enjoyment out of this.  I feel this is how MM9 and MM10 should have been cause if I remember right there was no charge shots and no sliding available for Megaman which in all honesty is rather stupid considering the timeline.  


If I wanted Megaman to continue and I do.  I would like CAPCOM to finish the storylines properly and not leave us hanging. I can say Classic Megaman (Rockman) has a proper conclusion and pretty much anything after Megaman 8 is just filler, side story stuff. X series you can say it ended at 5, 6 or whatever don't care. X8 did give sorta a proper closure but also left a good possibility of X9 with its ending (Not to mention the complaints of the timeline of X8 and X Command Mission). Zero series was given closure. .EXE series has a proper closure and even Starforce has a proper closure. I do think Starforce series could do another game Even though there's no need.  

Now The Legends series.  Yes like many other people I would like to see a Legends 3.  Outside the joke that Megaman Volnutt is stuck on a space satelite with Roll's mom.  I would like to see another game that would show something like how the world is faring now that there isn't really anyone to well..."Reset the World" so to speak.  So yeah definitely would be worth it for me to see another Legends 3.

Capcom in general.  I would want to see certain games have sequels I don't mind the fact that the company brings back a specific game but I'm honestly sick of them doing that. Yeah its nice to see Darkstalkers, 3rd Strike, MvC1, etc.  But really that's something they should have done ages ago. I think Capcom keeps playing it safe knowing they have so many quick fix cash cows to go to when needed.  Yeah they can throw out a RE, Dead Rising, Monster Hunter, Blah blah blah, but why not go out of there way and try something completely different.  Then just stick to it.  I know Street Fighter X Tekken has issues but its something new and I honestly would look forward to seeing it develop further.

Anyway I hope Capcom and many other companies don't forget there older games. Yeah some died well.  But its obvious the games a lot of fans want to see have obviously not died and just keep getting the boot for one reason or another.