Friday, January 4, 2013

Pokemon Black 2: Catching Monsters, With Rage LOL


Day 1

So some years (I think 2 or so) after Black & White.  Things have sorta calmed down after Team Plasma did all those really bad things they did.  Come on I remember Team Plasma saying they literally hacked the Pokemon Box system to steal ppl's pokemon. Who knows where the other Brandon went (the trainer from the last game) with his Resharim (depends on the game you bought last).  So after raging that Bianca is around.  Played the game a bit.  Ran into the champion from the last game Alder.  Hmmm....retired life. Making it to a ranch I figured out its not the same game all over again with added content its really a sequel. The battle with Hugh stupid easy. The hard part was catching a Riolu. IT NEVER SHOWED UP till the next evening.  No I didn't stay up all night I just stopped and caught him the next night.

On to the gym. Back in my own hometown. Cheren is the gym trainer.  Oh god.  Well he's doing well considering his life back in the first game was all wanting to be strong and what-not.  Get down to fighting him....OMG X-FACTOR LVL 3 DARK LILLIPUP RISES!!!  I never thought the AI to be smart to use power strategies. Other problem is Riolu at this level has only Counter as a fighting type move.....-_-....I don't want to grind for another few hours just get force palm and sweep his 2 pokemon.  Come back later beating him with just plain attacking him.  Riolu still a pain to use. I don't really like using Lucario.  Yeah got all this power and speed but no HP or defense to back him up. Yeah just like my favorite Excadrill. But I don't always see Excadrill going down like a sword through paper.  This will be a pain in the butt to run.

Day 2

Run into Hugh again....what's his deal and his anger issues? Seriously talk about Team Plasma or leaving your pokemon running about he gets so angry. Anyway on to Roxie.  Poison type gym with really bad music. I have to put a stop to that.  Roxie was cake.  As soon as I beat her. I get discovered.  So I'm gonna be one of those instant youtube stars?  Make movies huh.  Well time for making movies.....Oh god the movies suck...No wonder making Pokemon movies with Ash is just so much easier.

Make it into Castelia City.  STILL TOO BIG.  I got really tired around here but thanks for the free Bicycle.  The medal system....Pokemon has joined the Achievement/Trophy system that Microsoft/Sony are so proud of.  Sigh.  Make it to the sewers.  Hugh's anger issues led the way. But after spending time there.  Drillbur's back.

Day 3

Ok Burgh I don't know what's weirder.  Your gym full of honey combs that make me think bad things. Or these cocoons that make me think bad things. Must clear mind.  AND YOU'RE PAINTING IN ONE OF THEM!!! Alright so making quick work of him. Move on to the outskirts of town and meet a really weird guy.  Ok.....Colress is really weird.  Is he with Team Plasma or what?

What's weirder I look at the trailer and I think he looks like Julius. So did Time Factors make him end up here or what?

So much similarities IMO. LOL
I thought it weird not to mention he's easy. Anyway Relic Castle....Desert still boring but this SIGILYPH!!! ARGH!!!! SUCH A TROLL!!! If not whirlwind then spamming such power. I don't remember it being this strong.  Also the other weird thing what's with these pokemon that apparently had different Original trainers? Way higher in lvls.  Moving on cause the last 2 pokemon I'm looking for in that area did not show. Join Avenue is new.  I'm a manager?!  Calling it a night

Day 4

So I'm a manager of this area huh....apparently I need friends and do more link trades to develop this place even further.  Too bad my sister won't link with me at all.  Sigh.  Wonder if anyone else has the game.

Back in the fun city.  Amusement parks abound.  The pokemon musical is back.  Oh joy.  Spending so much time managing Join Avenue I ended using most of my time there. Continue tommorow.