Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pokemon Black 2: The Next Dump of Stuff

Day 7

Took awhile to finally get myself moving again. Training Pokemon and what not.  Moved on to Skyla and her crazy gym.  Being blown around by wind all day.  *Cue Link's Scream* Skyla was rather easy I mean its a flying type gym so not much to do there.  Celestial Tower was rather boring compared to the vanilla Black.  But I had to go there to see the Professor.  Apparently they're investigating what's going on with Team Plasma and the strange temperature's along with Cheren and others. Well since I can't go the normal route through Twist Mountain guess time to fly to a new city. Lentimas Town.  Nothing going on here but nice set of pokemon. SKARMORY!!!  Trapinch!!!

Reversal Mountain she showed least its tolerable this time unlike Black. So apparently I can get Heatran later on.  Even though I don't value that guy as useful for Legendary. Fire Steel is sigh...that's done the house was kinda creepy. It brought up that rather unsettling note about Hypno kidnapping a child long ago. Did not need to be reminded of that.  I'm sure this will come back to haunt me later on.

Undella Town...previous home of...HER....Oh she doesn't live here any more?  I mean Cynthia by the way. Hugh why you still using only 3 pokemon.  That Rage has blinded you man. Moving on to go see Drayden. OMG COBALION!!! Lets catch it.....11 or 13 pokeballs later. Caught. There we go.  Lacaunosa Town just a bit of story....Wait...So from I'm hearing.

  • Hypno kidnapped a child
  • Voltorb/Electrode get mistaken for pokeballs and hurt ppl
  • Murkrow play tricks on ppl
  • Gothorita plays the Pied Piper with children
  • and now we have Kyurem eating humans?
What's next? I know I'm missing a few.

Village Bridge. Ok getting real sick fighting all these trainers.  Geez.... after hitting Opelucid City for a rest head back for some catching... OMG a're not trolling me out of catching you!!!! Oh yeah forgot Virizion. Verizon Wireless!!! LOL.  Killed most of my team during catching with ease.  Got it without too many pokeballs thrown. 

Day 8

Opelucid Gym.  Lets get this over with....maybe I'm over leveled here.  I mean I didn't have trouble at all.  I really want those keys for challenge mode.  Anyway that scene in the trailer finally happened.  Hell has frozen over.  CATCH THAT NINJA!!! They're gone.  Hugh Rages. For Cheren it was just a Tuesday. Ok to the last city....I coulda took the tunnel the whole time to get there...instead I took the long way through the Seaside Cave or whatever. Oh well worth my time.  

Humilau City kinda dull....This gym trainer...that is one heavy tan.  I don't wanna say anything racist cause that might bring someone stupid out even if it isn't racist. Gym was easy I mean its water.  Kinda stupid.  Anyway next time to take down Team Plasma.