Monday, January 7, 2013

Today's Set of Pokemon Black 2 Adventures

Day 5

Learning About Hidden Grotto's. Hey Bianca I'm in the middle of a funfest mission. HEY!!! Let me do this first...great I failed because of you.....sigh....Well these Hidden Grotto's might be useful...if I can ever get lucky enough to get the rare pokemon that's supposed to be in these areas. Oh well more training than what I need.  Training the pokemon I picked up from Dream World.  Its changed a lot since the last time I've been on this.  A ton more games. And different variety pokemon.  It also affects my Join Avenue a bit.

Doing the Funfest Missions for Pass Orbs at first doesn't seem worth it. But the Pass Powers' available makes things a lot worth it.  Only problem while doing these missions is the objective like Finding Audino's or Encountering story or ****ING Pokemon Breeders who always want to fight you the moment you leave the screen.

Elesa....Meh...seems much easier than back on the first game.  But funny.  Its just like the trailer except I don't have Emboar yet.  Afterwards...More Rage from Hugh.  I wanna feel bad for the guy. I mean feeling powerless while Team Plasma stole his little sister's Purrlion.  But its obvious where this story about revenge and power nonsense is going to go.

Day 6

Well That bridge walk was much more pleasant than I remember.  And it seems Team Plasma has some internal politics going on.  The N Faction vs the Ghestis Faction.  Oh well I'm sure this will develop later FREE ZORUA!!! YAY!!  Anyway saw another vision of N's past.  N and his self-doubts heh. On to the gym battle.

Clay was a pushover too bad I couldn't match his Excadrill with mine.  I get pushed into the pokemon World Tournament....Meh...they really should have limited my levels.  This was way too easy.  I realize "its part of the story, blah blah blah" but this is one of those times where it wouldn't matter who won or lost IMO.  Hey its Team Plasma and its the scene from the trailer....Why can't I fight those competent pokemon instead of these generic ones?  And Hugh unleashed that super saiyan rage and made his pokemon go up 4 levels LOL.  I wonder why the shadow triad didn't just steal our pokemon while we were apparently immobilized and kicked off the ship.  After all that went to get a Volcanora and a free Deerling.

Well that was a short summary but gotta continue onwards.