Monday, February 18, 2013

Dust To Dust In a Good Way (Dust: An Elysian Tale)

I didn't want to write a thing till I finished this game cause its that good.  Honestly this is one of THE BEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED IN A VERY LONG TIME! This is one of those cases where I wish the game was on disc with tons more content available cause its that good. Even with its few problems Its still THE BEST GAMES I'VE EVER PLAYED IN A VERY LONG TIME!  Seriously I didn't want this to end.

Graphics & Sound

These are 2 things I NEVER consider in a game. But the graphics for a 2D game are very notable.  The handling of multiple things moving at once is very exceptional. Even the transition to cutscenes and weather effects were done right.  At first I started thinking that the rain was started due to a cue of some kind cause of the cutscenes. But its actually on an interval.  Even the Wind effects when using your special attacks are there. Character design is great as well. No I'm not saying that cause I'm a furry. They are done very well done and very unique.

The Soundtracks are awesome. They aren't too over the top and not too boring. They easily set the mood. The voice work is amazing. Even for a bunch of Voice actors I never even heard of before. They are all very unique done with great detail. Listening to those guys I could sit there for hours listening to them talk. Not once did I think about playing another soundtrack or walk out the room to grab a sandwich while they talk. I commend the creators of this game for that. This to me proves you don't need famous Voice Actors (example: Johnny Bosch, Wendee Lee, etc.) to make great voice work.  And those guys probably are famous or well known but in my circle of friends they are not recognized.


Although the game is short it has a great amount of story.  It may have been done before with the plot but these days what hasn't been done?  The setup of sidequest, plot twist, and main story to me was done like a book I couldn't put down.  I had to stop myself from continuing so I could upload more parts and get other things done. All the characters are very memorable and stand out from each other.  Dust character development had a great amount of depth to it leading up to making many hard choices.  The dialogue between characters had the right amount of comedy and seriousness to keep you in your seat and not groan over it.  The game made it seem like my choices would actually affect the ending as well.  The comedy in this game is great as well.  From breaking the 4th Wall to stating the obvious.  Makes me want to have a Fidget of my own.


Ok in terms of gameplay its rather simplistic. There's not too many combos but this case simplicity is a virtue.   The combat was still engaging and even challenging at some points.  Boss fights were great to fight against. I practically wished for a Boss Rush Mode and extra challenges.  Platforming is easy to pull off no complaints of I can't win cause the camera is bad nonsense.  My only issue here is the game can be easily broken.  By simply doing some treasure hunting or grinding you're able to make most enemies a complete joke. So much so I opted out of using my best weapons to give the boss a chance.  If you want a true challenge throw the game on Hardcore setting.  Normal and Casual settings make the game a breeze.

I only ended up encountering 1 Glitch that I have no idea what triggered it. It never happened again however. There are other players that have found other glitches like going outside the boundary of map And infinite gold but it seems those are more intentional glitches rather than accidental.

Overall For What this cost. (1600 MS Points).  I feel it should cost way more than that.  This game is very well done.  I've had no problems with it and I want to play it again and again.  If anything the only improvements they could do is make Dust a little less broken.  This is one of the games I truly hope a sequel is made or DLC content cause I enjoyed this.  I honestly haven't played a game that has me coming back for more in years.