Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pokemon Black 2 - Post Game

There's a ton of stuff post game but I'll just go over the stuff ppl actually care about. The battles. Oh so many battles.  Did I search Relic Cavern? No, no point to it.  Just extra money to be found. And get Dive as a semi-useful move.  Eventually as I dragged on in this game I started sending pokemon from my Vanillia Black game (Original Pokemon Black) over to Black 2. If you actually been reading I said before my pokemon's IV's were dismal.  And honestly in the long run they weren't going to survive.  I'd Pokegen but its such a pain now. Especially since Game Freak and Nintendo wise'd up a bit on this issue.  But honestly the IV's of my Pokemon are very dismal except for a few.  Eventually I'll probably send over all my pokemon from Black to this game.

Legendary Pokemon

It honestly feels like there was a ton more on HG and SS (Heart Gold And Soul Silver) to catch. But these guys were pretty much rage till they stay in the ball or screw it and throw a master ball.

Zekrom -  First I had to battle it. ANd shamefully I couldn't recreate Reshiram vs Zekrom.  Oh well.  Then catching it that wasn't hard at all.

Kyurem - Also easy seems the mainsteam legendaries are pretty easy to do these days anyway.

Cresselia - So many times it died due to stupid things.  Finally caught it after about 15 attempts.

Regi's - Regi's are strangely easy.  They all seem to have the same moveset as well.

Regigigas - Had to move fast so I catch it before it got to full power.

Latias - Easy since its moveset rather meh. Heck didn't know Heal Pulse is meant to heal another target. lol

Heatran - Yep.

Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie - Did not like going all over the world to find them and try not to kill them....

Legenadry Trainers

I turned on Challenge Mode. And these pokemon levels shot up by at the most 10 levels.  Pretty good for a challenge mode.  Annoying though at certain points.

Alder -  Such an even match.  I love it.

Hugh - Finally you have 6 pokemon.  Thank you.

Cheren - I'm a bit overleveled here.

Bianca - Didn't expect her to show up here so suddenly.

Shadow Triad - They used that PP Up for bait. They knew I was gonna walk there to get it.  Those sneaky ninjas.

Colress - So much fun.  The next champion should be steel type.

N - I only fought him in the summer and doubt I'll do so again next month.  Waiting a month or changing the date on my DS is way too much work not worth it. N loves those weather teams though.

Morimoto - This guy really thought out his team.

Nishino - Fat pokemon....and YAWN SPAM AGAIN!!!

Cynthia - My team made to combat hers.

E4 Again -  It wasn't as bad as Vanilla where they had 1 pokemon do all the work for them but they do provide a challenge.

Champion Iris - Ok when you take down my Venusaur we got a problem.  3 Dragons.  Still surprised she didn't run all dragons.

Benga - Haven't fought yet. Gotta climb that long tower.