Monday, February 18, 2013

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Road to Tekken Lord Achievement

Namco-Bandai made this game and it hasn't fell off the radar unlike that of SoulCalibur V and other Namco titles.  Anyway unlike Tekken 6 they made this game practically force you to play the game.  For one to gain the cool looking custom items (like King's fur suit or Law's old costume). You have to play through Ghost Battle a lot and win.  Its insane sometimes as the AI will just straight up punish everything you throw out.  Other times you'll breeze through easily.

Ranking up to 30th Dan rank (Tekken Lord) took forever.  At first I started using a team but I discovered it was taking twice as long to rank up as only 1 character would get a promotion/demotion chance. There's also the fact that Tagging out or performing a Tag Crash is a pain without dying.  Eventually I went solo and used Unknown the whole way.

Shame she doesn't have that cool ghost wolf thing behind her. I thought that was awesome. Anyway Unknown is now generally Jun Kazama with a few move changes.  I found her style very simple to adapt and  I generally just worked off 1 combo and tried to improve it slowly.  Its basically all I need for most fighters anyway. Just give me a doable combo to work with and I'll go from there.

Assuming I typed this out right. Generally throughout this run I make the same combo.  F+2(or D 3+4, DF+2,1, B+2, 1, 2(3), 1(or 2)
{hopefully I wrote that out right}
That combo itself knocks the opponent quite a bit away.  An easy follow up with UF+2,1(or 2) or 1+2.
1+2 Forces a tag out if it hits. UF+2,1(or 2) is a nice keep away. You have to be smart to avoid/block it. AI well only smart at random times.  But I have seen the AI pull some crazy combos.  So I don't count them out I also don't count them as some OP Super Computer that impossible to beat cause they apparently read your buttons.  I've picked up a lot from the AI especially on my own problems in this game.

I still need to work out the situations as to what to do when I get Wall Combo Opportunities, Balcony Breaks, Floor Breaks, etc.  My Defense well recovery needs work as well. Its not something someone can just instantly tell me what I should do its more I need to recognize when it happens and react accordingly.