Monday, March 4, 2013

March The Busiest Month For Me And Not The Reason You Think

So its gonna be a a busy month.  A lot of things going on for me that I gotta get done. I wish I could tell you everything but yeah.

Projects I Want To Do But Can't Do Em

Anyway when I think back to the many things I wanna do project wise. There's a lot of projects I started. Then when I get a good start on them scrap them.  Usually due to depression. I have a ton of ideas but never the will to go all the way with em. Sigh...I might explain what some of them are in another post.

I'm A Partner Now

Finally Managed To Become A Partner. Before I wasn't think about being a partner with anyone on YT due to reasons I can't really explain. But with the need of money for myself I could definitely use for other things as well as future plans.  So you know what that means for my videos.

What I'm Playing Right Now Is:

Final Fantasy X

At the same time this is almost done. Since its not the international version this game actually goes by quick.  I apparently overgrinded on this game so things were rather easy....whoops oh well. Game is like a Difficulty See-Saw anyway.  Some hard areas some easy areas.

Crash of the Titans

Myself and A Spike Titan. I love Spikes
I'm actually enjoying this game.  I mean its not Crash of the PSX days but its still fun.