Friday, March 22, 2013

Older Soon And nothing's happening.

Its almost the end of the month and so far all the expectations I've had for my YT channel and partnership are far less than what I wanted.  According to the analytic's I still have pretty much no views.  In fact I seem to have gotten more insults than anything.

I posted a video and a blog post generally asking what do viewers want and I generally got no answer.  I've talked with others and I get replys of don't worry about it. You have tons of views etc etc.  Yet in reality they haven't seen my view count.

In terms of insults I've gotten tons of stupid ones and once again words from people that is a total 180 from how they usually act.  From complaints about video quality which they know I can do nothing about to silly stuff about games I no longer play. People I asked for advice on getting more views didn't really offer advice so what I got to work with is just a simple hints and tips book that I read explaining everything I already know and already doing.

What really pisses me off is that videos I actually work hard on and spend way too much time than expected on it get pretty much no views but crap videos I make get instant views right away.....Not only is it "Well this game is popular" but its more videos I put no heart or effort into gets pretty much all the views.  Rather pisses me off in some ways I can't describe.

Anyway I guess I'll try and do Kingdom Hearts 1 since I won't have 1.5 (no PS3 and I don't want the damn game a 2 time while I still have the original).  And find something else I'm willing to play. Honestly it seems like if I'm to make the best of my YT Partnership I gotta become a hypocrite and play games I hate. (M Rated Games).

As for older yeah I'm becoming older soon. Not happy about it. Exactly how old only my friends know and those that actually look.