Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I Need To Work On - YT Videos (Step 1???)

This is to make the best of my partnership as I can. Yes I'm a partner with a company now. I want to make the best of this as I can and not let it go to waste.
Aside from the obvious things and the stupid responses I can imagine about my videos.  I need to know a few things from the viewers pertaining towards my videos.  So I'd like some well thought out responses "AND NOT DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!" Cause that's not a good answer in this case.  I need some thoughts and opinions here for the following.

Short Intro -

 Exactly what kind of Intro and how long should it be.  I want good suggestions here I know over 30 seconds is too long so we're not going there.  Some good intros I thought of that really work as examples are (check there videos):
Pikacuakuma usually has an intro that works very short. He doesn't use them on every video but his is interesting.
A lot of you know he has a different intro for practically every game he plays.
He has a very short intro as well.
This guy has a somewhat longer intro.


I've only noticed this on a few channels I watch.  That basically say subscribe.  What I'm doing is basically In-Video Programming. You might notice at the last 10 seconds of my video there's 2 icons that show up 1 linking to my channel the other linking to a video.

The Things Circled Is What I'm Talking About
There are other videos where there outro is something fancy that shows it subscribing to that person's channel or "hey watch this video."  I gotta ask people how they do that personally and hopefully they'll answer. I also thought of trying to find something funny or make a joke and post at the end of the video you know like those Abridged Series.  Anyway how should my outro be?
Maximillain again has various outros.  Especially on his assist me series that leads to either his other series or a previous episode.
He has a rather fancy outro that encourages ppl to subscribe to his channel.

Uploading Schedule

Ok I know I've gotten complaints before that I upload way too many videos or too few.  Part of me wants to fix that. Another part doesn't.  If I make a Schedule (assuming I learn how to do so). How often or really how many videos per X period of time?

Playlist Links

This is something I want to try to do.  Its gonna be very tedious to remember to include this in every video.

Channel Design

I've been planning to update the channel itself since November.  A lot of things keep coming up and when I have time I just don't know what to do personally.  So....what suggestions do you have?  Also if you want to be a featured channel I'll try and include a slot just don't count on it.

Custom Video Icon?

Ok while my idea is to just draw something for each playlist....that's SERIOUSLY TIME CONSUMING. I would rather commission someone for it but I have no money. Quite the Conumdrum.  Not sure if this will bring viewers but hey its worth a try rather than relying on YT's image itself.

What do you want to see?

I know this will probably be a BIG mistake on my part.  But I have no idea what you guys want to see sorta.  If I check my most viewed.  Its pretty much Pokemon, Bakugan, anything Anime Related...(except Gundam -_-).  So what should be uploaded.  I actually planned another Sonic at some point. Just don't know what.

Please post a comment with detailed suggestions.