Monday, March 4, 2013

Tips To Becomming A Youtube Partner

About Looking For Youtube Partnerships Tips

I can't reveal everything cause contracts state there are certain things I can't talk about or I have to pay a huge fine of money I don't have. Anyway here's a few things to look for and think about when doing partnerships on Youtube.

1. Enable Adsense.

Ok I know that sounds crazy but that's 1 main step to do.  The reason this sounds crazy is cause Youtube has a nice trap on that kind of thing.  But like Yugioh's Trap Cards certain conditions have to be fulfilled.
Youtube's Adsense trap only triggers if you decide to start monetizing a video.  Enabling Adsense SHOULD NOT get Youtube to instantly jump on your case and attempt to ban your account.  Just enable AdSense you don't have to monetize a video (unless you really want to and you yourself know that the content is 150% yours). The reason I tell you to enable AdSense is cause pretty much every partnership company if not all of them require you to have it enabled so they can sorta disable it and have it switched to theres. By having it enabled you can avoid this problem and they won't notify you of this problem or just deny your application right away.

So again Enable Adsense. DO NOT MONETIZE ANY VIDEO YET!

2. Choose a Partnership Company

There's tons of companys out there but you should look through them all or as many as possible to find which one suits you. Best way to find one is to run a Google Search on Youtube Partnership Companies. I found a blog that explains the top 5 companies and even more so I found companies just listed.  Other times if your Youtube Channel is popular they'll message you.  I get like 3 - 5 offers a month from different companies. If you get an offer. DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THEM! Don't just instantly sign up with them. If they come in contact with you send them an e-mail explaining your interest about the partnership.  Personally when I started emailing these companies A bunch of them hit me autoresponses. I don't know about you but I hate auto-response systems.  Those that take forever to respond also get the boot as well.

3. Ask Questions

This is a big one. If you don't ask question you may be blindly walking into there clutches. Don't hold back on your questions. And tell them anything that might apply to the partnership such as 3rd party claims, What exactly are they looking for, payment, etc.  The questions you have the better off you are.  Heck I sent them an e-mail containing such questions.  Some even do this stuff over Skype.  But also take note a lot of these companies will say hey you can't have this, we're about this, no 3rd party claims, etc. One thing that was sorta a turn off for me was the obvious copy/paste.  If I'm talking to person especially over skype I want human answers not answers from a customer service hotline handbook.


Pretty much every Partnership company has there own website.  If they do not, might have to give them a suspicious look.  Anyway look through there site see if that company is right for you. If a recruiter contacted you ask them for a website. They usually automatically post it in emails or personal messages. The first few I checked out were generally about MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) Games or FPS (First-Person Shooter) Games. I said to myself nah they're not for me.  So really look through the site see if there are comments about it. Most have a Youtube page as well so check em out.


While I can't explain what's a the contract. I can say Read it thoroughly!  If you find something that you don't agree with DON'T SIGN IT!  If you find something you don't understand ask the person that sent the contract.  If you're not of age (I think its 18) to do a partnership get your parent or guardian to look it over and sign it cause that's what you have to do by law anyway. Also take note some contracts like Cell Phones lock you in for a set time.  Keep that in mind as well.
*Note: Save your own copy of the contract. You may need to read it again later.*

6. Take the time to Meditate Over What You're About to Do.

A lot of people are big on lets get this over with and do it now.  That's not exactly smart.  Take some time and think about it.  You may or may not want to do this. Know that you have practically all the time in the world to think this over. The company your partnering with can't do anything until you sign a contract so. Think it over.