Friday, March 29, 2013

Zoids Battle Legends (Not much of a Legend)

When it comes to Anime based games I don't ask for much from them.  Generally cause its hard for companies to deliver.  Zoids: Battle Legends barely makes the cut of what I'm looking for and I'll explain why.

Well the intro is completely awesome.  Showing off pretty much all the Zoids I know and even some new ones.  You have 3 series of Zoids from Chaotic Century, Century Zero, and Legacy all in this game.  So that's a lot of Zoids and pilots to choose from.  But now that the game has you hyped....time to mellow you out.

The music soundtrack is rather forgettable.  In fact so forgettable that even the main menu theme is used as one of the battle tracks.  If I was to go out on a limb here I would say I like maybe 2 songs in the game.  Yeah quite boring.  The Sound Effects aren't bad.  I mean Gamecube I wish the game used the anime sound effects instead of what they're using but I can't complain.  The voice overs....a total miss. Generally when it comes to voice overs I expect to hear the same voices I heard when I watched the anime. I don't care if its english or japanese cause that's what I call a luxury to have that option and I'm not gonna instantly hate a language I understand cause the people in a foreign country supposedly speak better than my own.  I don't understand what they're saying heck they could be talking bad about me and I wouldn't even know it.  Anyway the voice over clips in this game are there but can seriously do better. But I remember that this was released at a time where voice acting no one cared about.

Gameplay is the reason why many people say this is the absolute worst of the Zoids game series.  The controls are nice.  The AI isn't.  The AI players range from absolute dunces to renowned battle geniuses.  If you don't know how to play the game the AI will destroy you in seconds.  However if you're using a rather great Zoid you the AI is a pushover. Heck I found times where they'll run into a wall.  What's worse your AI partner has suicidal tendencies at times and will even pull friendly fire acts without a second thought. Multiplayer is splitscreen which well doesn't work.  The screen is too small and I find myself walking into walls, off cliffs, etc. cause my zoid is covering my half of the screen.

Probably my worst fault with this game is even though there's a vast collection of Zoids to choose from.  The popular Zoids take the spotlight.  If you pick a big zoid you'll get destroyed by those smaller than you most of the time regardless of how powerful you are.  If your an oversized Zoid I find times where I never land an single attack but end up winning cause the AI is suicidal.  Otherwise just pick a broken popular one and its practically instant win for you.

Anyway with that said I'm currently in process of uploading mission mode for both sides.  I'm gonna change the BGM for reasons stated earlier.  if you have any ideas Let me know before I get to editing that video.