Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Japanese Release Date

Well as time marches on The latest Blazblue has got a console release on the PS3 in Japan.  October 24th is the day.  Well that's not all.  More news according to Famitsu. Console is getting 2 more characters.

So to add to our already 3 new folks.  We get 2 more dudes.

On our left we got wait...Yuki Terumi?!  Hold up....So some crazy stuff is gonna go down with the famous troll?!  Judging from his look. Looks like that old Hazama attitude has left the building. I still question the outfit. On our right someone that looks pretty new to the scene Kagura Mitsuki.  He kinda looks related to Bang but he looks badass nonetheless. Here's hoping that either him or Azrael will be the first male character I can actually use in this series.There's no word on the OST of late. There are leaks of samples of the OST going around (besides Jin, Ragna, and Noel's theme). Anyway....I might have to bust down ArcSys door and go WHERE'S JUBEI!!!!