Tuesday, April 16, 2013

King of Fighters XIII - We got Flames, We got Kung Fu, We got Weapons

After waiting for so long I finally got this game for 20 bucks.  A $60 price tag was asking way too much, especially with the reception this game received IMO. Yeah its a great game but its so short lived. I call this game that got kicked to the curb cause CAPCOM was owning the scene. Even though I like this game better than Marvel vs Capcom, SoulCalibur, Tekken, etc.  The one sad thing about this game is the online netcode is subpar.  So no one is really online to play this game.  The offline community is vast but I don't know any that plays and for the most part don't want to know.


I want to say the system goes back to the days like KoF 11 or older. But I love the the fact that this game doesn't shortcut moves or autocorrect you unlike most of the CAPCOM fighters out there.  I feel more in control of the game and not instantly thrown in auto-pilot.  Sure the command input time (How much time you're allowed to input certain moves) is strict but that helps me out a lot.  Really I love how the game isn't simplified just to appeal to new players.  This game also rewards skill and doesn't let you get away with murder by you're mashing (looking at you Marvel 3).

The cast is quite big compared to the flop that was KoF 12. The artwork is just as great and the sound is just beautiful. I'm kinda sad that the game doesn't have dual audio voices but its probably for the best. The tutorial mode could be better I would like the game to explain the characters in depth to get to know them better.  Yeah I know there's guides but I like for the game itself to teach me or learn it myself.  Anyway I love how the game makes me feel satisfied winning or losing. Winning feels like this game is saying, "Keep up the good work" unlike most other fighters that that leave me with an empty feeling.  Losing makes me feel like the game is saying get up and try again while others throw that feeling of "You will never be good at this game."

*Slight Spoiler But if you're reading this and as old as the game is you should already know by now.*
Story Mode is meh. Its supposed to help understand what's going on and why everything happened the way it did.  But really its meh.  For the most part it lets you know who's still alive and why XXXX character isn't in the game.  You get a bit of background on Ash and Saiki.  You get to know the Mukai group a bit more.  Not much else.  Survival mode is just like every other KOF survival. It starts off piss easy then the random stray hits add up.  Time Attack Mode is like survival but more like don't die while you fight these characters till the end. I hate Trial mode.  Once again the fighting games decides that to learn the game you gotta use the combos given in Trial mode as a starter. Not only do they ask you some really near impossible tasks. But they also have no leeway in terms of landing the combo.  Its bad enough that KOF series is pretty much the hardest to do combos in with little command time you're allowed.

Anyway out of all the fighters out at this point this is the one I enjoy the absolute most (if you're counting current gen).  I'm actually left with a good feeling after I play. I'm glad the price for this game dropped I would like the OST but that can wait for later.