Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May 2013 Update Well When No One Offers Suggestions...

Yep looked at the results of my partnership. And My view count (as well as many things) are far less than satisfactory.  I honestly think that I'm not cut out for things like this.  I mean I honestly don't know what to do that can get results that doesn't involve me compromising my moral values.

For 2 months I went around asking "Hey what can I do to get you guys to watch."  I've honestly received little to no response from this. In fact I mainly got negative responses or really I should say complaints.  I've tried to address these complaints one by one and nothing changed in fact I would say I got even worse responses.

Commentary: I tried various test commentary videos and podcast (I'll still do the podcast I guess).  No real response that differs from the normal.  So its obvious to me that commentary is not the way to go. I received no critique from it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxeuPt2UnUc  Was a test commentary video I did not too long ago.  It didn't even break 100 views. Its "Injustice: Gods Among Us" which is still fairly new. But either my commentary or just the game itself is granted no views.  Really only 2 comments about it. Honestly that's pretty horrible.
  • I have various Podcast videos about and literally no views or helpful comments are listed. 

Latest and Greatest Stuff: This is pretty much impossible for me to do.  One reason being the newest stuff that's out today I either have little to no interest in or its just far too expensive.  The other being my values and moral standards.  What's popular today is generally games I absolutely refuse to play. M rated games and games that just disgust me.  While I could go and just say **** my morals then what kind of person would I be? What's regarded as the worst type of person in existence IMO. A total hypocrite.  Granted nobodies perfect I'm sure that if I went against my morals I would end up hurting myself and those that think of me as a good person would suddenly drop me.


  • "Injustice: Gods Among Us" being a pretty much new game and pretty popular has no views at least from my standpoint.  So its obvious viewers don't want to see that at least to me. I also will not play this game due to the visible battle scars looking far too real and unsettling. 
  • While I would want a 3DS or WiiU I can't possibly afford one. Not even a PS3.  Too many other things have to be taken care of first.  
  • "Pokemon Black 2" Even if I got the game late was still regarded as a most wanted game.  However in terms of views I got nothing.  Maybe its due to the webcam but no one really told me anything.  
  • Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has views but I lost interest in the game. Due to the online community. I really don't wanna deal with it.

The Insults 

I actually received insults about my uploads new and old most of which I had to block. Suggesting I upload in the highest, rather impossible quality or that I upload games so late no one is interested.  Even some that pretty much tell me to give up or that they're going to report me for some stupid reason.  To those guys I have to say please don't be in charge of something.  Seriously I can't imagine how anything gets done with that kind of attitude that says, "This isn't good enough!"  

What Apparently Does Work and I'm Not Happy About

I seriously hate that its working but the videos I put little to no effort in.  Is what's getting all the views.  I honestly facedesk that these do get views cause they're honestly to me so stupid. I mean its only there for a laugh and in all honesty I put no effort behind them.  However when I give everything I got behind something no desired results.  




In the End

If I received some proper criticism or some good ideas that work and not just lazy cop outs I could give viewers what they want and be happy.  But if I have nothing to go on then not only do I get nothing out of it. But you guys get nothing out of it as well.  So it would help me if I got suggestions that work. I know it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm just telling it like it is.  I want to make the best of this partnership and right now the results are saying...."this is as far as you're ever gonna go."