Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So I went to a psychiatrist

Its funny cause I'm making steps to try and climb outta this depression and that's when people try to get me help on something.

Well I went.  And talked for awhile.  Basically the what she told me was I need to get out more and associate with people of my own age group.  Kinda what I was already starting to do anyway.  But she insisted I hang with "other" people.  She also said I might be Bi-Polar in terms of feeling great and suddenly feeling down. But she doesn't know for sure. The most she did confirm was saying that myself moving around so much caused me to miss out on a ton of development and that's what I need to fill.

I'm honestly not feeling great about hanging with other people or finding something to do outside my own home.  Cause around here there isn't much to do that I'm comfortable with doing.  And also doesn't cost money.

But that's how it went.  No medication yet and I feel like I'm gonna end up on medication I probably don't need.