Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sonic Generations - A Timeline of Love-Hate Relationship I Guess

I honestly have a love hate relationship with the Sonic series. And I don't mean that there's good Sonic games and bad ones cause I like em all (except Sonic CD...I can't make heads or tails of that lol). Sonic Generations is a mash up of almost (ALMOST) everything I like and hate about the Sonic series as of current. Now if you're expecting normal fan rage rant that's not what this is....I think...I don't know what the fanbase says anymore or care.  If you don't wanna read it or just get the whole summary of it Please Skip to the end of it. No one is forcing you to read it.

The Level Selection

If you didn't know Sonic Generations is pretty much take the memorable levels, redesign em, and throw them all into one game.  Now before you get all anal about the question EVERYBODY AND THERE DOG ASKS!!! I'll just spill it right here.  Here's my Level Choices

  • Sonic: Spring Yard Zone / Starlight Zone
  • Sonic 2: Chemical Plant / Hilltop Zone
  • Sonic 3: Hydrocity Zone / IceCap Zone
  • Sonic and Knuckles: Sandopolis Zone / Flying Battery
  • Something from the Game Gear I don't Remember the games right now and not gonna look em up
  • Something from Sonic CD
  • Sonic 3D Blast: Diamond Dust Zone / Gene Gadget Zone
  • Sonic Adventure: Sky Deck / Lost World
  • Sonic Adventure 2: Sky Rail / Metal Harbor
  • Sonic Heroes: Casino Park /Egg Fleet
  • Shadow the Hedghog: Westopolis / Final Story
  • Sonic 06: Wave Ocean / Dusty Desert
  • Sonic Unleashed: Dragon Road / Skyscraper Scamper/ Eggmanland (Yes Eggmanland)
  • Sonic Colors: Terminal Velocity / Starlight Carnival
There happy?
Random Weaboo: But some of those games are cannon to the Sonic Series. And then there's some that aren't Sonic's levels.

Those are the levels I like compared to what's chosen.  But oh well, "Beggars can't be choosers." But honestly what I would've liked to see in the game is different (and challenging) bosses.  Yeah you can have the same bosses but switch up who's fighting them. Have Classic fight the modern bosses and vice versa. 

Gameplay & Controls.....Oh boy...

If you're coming from Sonic Unleashed. You're in for a bit of a rude awakening.  Some say the controls (and physics) are better. I honestly feel they're worse.  To be honest I feel like there's a lot of times where I'm not in control of Sonic at all.  Really there's times I feel I'm on autopilot.  Not because of the "boost to win" saying many fans have dubbed.  But more of the game telling me "No" to various tricks I picked up from Unleashed. Worst of all of them it seems doing air boosts to skip sections is not only most of the time useless, but tends to get you killed. The Homing attack didn't seem responsive until I equipped the ability (that you get PRACTICALLY END GAME) to make it faster.  It really bit me in the butt on Planet Wisp and Chemical Plant cause Sonic somehow is facing the wrong direction.

Classic Sonic I never thought I would complain about physics but it seems that going into a roll by pressing down as you run actually makes you slower??!! Wha?!  No not the charge Spin Dash just going into a normal spin.  He also has the issue of some jumps being rather trollish. They're' some jumps that are literally just out of his reach.  Other than that he's alright and I enjoy using him more than Modern.

The Controls took at least 2 hours to get used to, to make it worse I can't edit them to my liking.  For Modern Sonic Homing attack going back to the A button and Boost not being as useful. To make me feel even worse Ring Dash and Stomp are virtually useless in the game.  But most of the time I kept mistaking homing attack for Boost and I paid for it hard.  For Classic I seem to have this trouble getting Sonic to stand in one place so I can do a charge spin dash. The game (as well as fans) kept encouraging to use the X button instead. I honestly feel its faster to do it manually cause you charge up to max way faster that way.  There are tons of occasions where I'm flying across the screen and I know I jumped but the game somehow counts it as (no you didn't) and I take damage.  My other issue was getting used to the level design.  I'm more or less used to jump over the springs at the edge of a cliff since the spring slows you down and most of the time in the old days there was always some sort of trap laid at the very end if you didn't jump.  This time however there's nothing but a bottomless pit waiting for me.  The best amount of control comes from Classic Sonic and the absolute worst is the Super Sonic fight.

My absolute favorite thing of the game was the use of Classic and (Some of) Modern Sonic's abilities during levels.  The downside to these is for one I have to unlock them which I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to wait so long to have them it honestly makes replaying stages pointless. The other is you can't use these abilities in challenge missions or boss fights (unless you're playing the PC version and hacking).  

The absolute worse was the game attempting to teach you certain aspects of the game. I found this really annoying during challenge missions or certain stage gimmicks.  Omachao explains to use Amy's high jump move is to first jump in the air and press Y. That didn't work...he kindly leaves out that I have to press it again at the right time.  Another one was making use of the Rocket Wisp power. Not only does Omachao say to hold down the Y button but the game says hold down Y.  So for about 2 minutes I was going WTF.

Story....I don't care for that...its a Sonic Game

No seriously its a Sonic game.  If you expect some epic story from an action platformer that's supposed to make sense or have some depth to it, you're in the wrong genre of games. 


I do like the soundtrack Sonic never seems to fail in that area. Even with the option to change the music during gameplay is nice.  Voices at this point I'm like whatever cause they're always changing the moment I get used to them so I don't even bother.  If I really cared I would change the voices to Japanese.


The only main gripe I have with this is the massive amount of WHITE used.  In terms of artist this is a good thing. For my eyes and TV (or well when I record and put it on YT) I get MASSIVE issues with that white background.  


HAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAH oh you're serious.  This game is not hard its seriously lenient to any Sonic player new or old.  As long as you don't die you'll get an S rank. There are some trolling times like Challenge Missions or achievements if you're into that. I only got frustrated when I tried to perform actions but was unable to do them correctly (like taking a shortcut).  Once you get a good feel on the controls there's almost no reasons why you shouldn't have an A or S rank.  For me this game does not encourage you to play better at all just encourages you to play.  

The Main Problem With This Game 

The absolute problem I have with this game is that it doesn't take risk like previous Sonic titles. Instead Sonic Team seemed to stay in the supposed safe zone in order not to piss off the majority of there fans.  Its reasonable to have the mentality of doing something right no point in changing it.  But its also reasonable to have something different to experiment with.  This game while it is successful gets boring for me really fast. I really appreciated it back when Sega added gimmicks along with the speedy platforming.  Sonic with a Sword that was fun, Sonic turning into some werewolf like creature. That fun.  Even more so it was challenging not only to adjust but master the mechanics.  I hope that Sega and Sonic Team will one day go back to taking risks and making the Sonic games more difficult to play.

Ending Point

Overall I did like Sonic Generations but its short lived.  I'm glad I picked this up for 15 bucks instead of full price.  In all honesty I think this is more of a rental title.  The controls unable to be edited bugs me a bit.  The same old gimmicks thrown about no real change put into the game. I really hope that future Sonic games will offer something new to the table like before Colors. There's such a thing as sticking to what works. But I honestly thing that the way Sonic is now they're just using a model and not doing anything beyond it.