Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Just got the demo. It finally got released to those who don't have Xbox Live Gold.  I have mixed thoughts about it.

The demo was released last Sunday for those who have PS3 and Xbox Live Gold.  So Silver Accounts was pretty much "Too Bad. Sucks to be you, shoulda gave us money to get Gold."  Anyway if you don't know what this game is. Its DC Heroes (Batman, Superman, etc.) beating the crap outta each other.

I like the feel of the combat.  It doesn't feel like the game is reliant on the random factor or comebacks from hell. The moves are simplified and honestly anyone can jump into the game with as little knowledge as possible. The environment usage is fun and seems like something you'd see in an episode of Justice League.

The supers are freakin brutal.  From Batman hitting you with his car to Doomsday punching you so hard you go through the Earth and back (no not around it through it).  The command input feels slightly off to me but that might of been cause of my controller kept holding down Left the entire time.  The game seems really balanced. Even super long combo strings don't inflict too much damage unlike other games that are much faster pace.  I feel like you can mash and get away with it at least for the first couple of days.  So that's how friendly the system is.

What I find nice for those that are hardcore fighters (I don't fit that category.)  Is that the game list the frame data for all the characters moves.  Now I don't have to go to some lame site that'll never complete its guide on the exact info I'm looking for in a fighting game. *cough cough* SRK *cough* Dustloop *cough* etc.

Probably the only thing that makes me feel a bit queasy (if that's the right word) is the visible damages on the characters.  I mean I come from the old school cartoons.  I never read the comics since what I've seen in those they're apparently far more brutal than the DC cartoons would ever go.  For me I'm rather uncomfortable seeing it as the battle scars is not a simple blood running down your face, costume's a tad shredded here and there and the character looks pissed. This looks like they were infected with a flesh eating disease or someone tortured them by carving off parts of his or her skin. Part of me wanted to throw up from seeing that.  I remember mentioning this before in a comment and fans jumped on my case about it saying it could be a lot worse.  If it did become a lot worse I wouldn't even touch this demo with a 100-foot pole.  Also don't know if I said this before but I don't care who made the game I just care about the game itself.

I honestly hope that the full game includes an option to turn off visible damages and blood otherwise it'll truly be a dealbreaker for me.

What was lame about the demo is that you don't get to play as Doomsday (unless there's some sort of trick to unlock him). I mean you fight against him and yet nothing about playing as him.  He seems like a character that would fit me for this game. Anyway I guess I'll wait till the main game releases before I decide on whether I'll buy this or not.

Lex Luthor

I don't see him too much as a keep away. More like Aggressive projectiles like that of Nu-12/Lamda-11.  Able to play a close range game that's painful and long range is just as deadly.


He seems like the character everyone will use in a mash fest for about a week then either move on or learn his moves. He can inflict some pain.

Wonder Woman

I see some crazy combos in her future.  That Lasso of truth can really do a number if used right.