Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why I hate Doing Commentary

Its been a growing concern among many.  At first I wrote it off as trolls but now its practically a trend to where I have to do Commentary over games to be considered good.  I honestly been doing the same thing for years and never heard that I have to do commentary before. Anyway I generally hate doing commentary.  For a multitude of reasons.

First consider two videos I came across in the past few months about doing commentary.

How to do a Playthrough By HellfireComms

How Not to do a Playthrough By Hellfirecomms

It was those 2 videos alone that gave me sort of a clearer view about doing commentary. I also asked NTom64 a very long time ago on Formspring (when it was popular) about Commentary.  There's a lot of stuff however I disagree with when it comes to doing Commentaries.

Research & Useless Trivia 

Apparently there's a lot of information to look up about whatever game your playing aside from a typical GameFAQs strategy guide. The information I see a lot of players give out is generally stuff I don't care about most of the time.  Like information about how this song was made, Voice Acting, What the fans think of it, What the game could have been, etc.  While all that information is interesting.  At the end of the day its rather useless to me.  Just take that information and throw it on a random DVD/Blu-Ray Disc or on some special show titled the making of *Insert Game Title Here*.  I pretty much care only for the finished product not what could have been.  And a lot of times the useless Trivia is delivered in such a way that its boring content. I would hate to tell someone who the voice actor is or that this game could've been made this way.

Time Investment

My time is already stretched thin. With recording the footage to converting it to a sharable format.  It would take even more time to edit my own words and even to make sure I can be heard over the game content.  I've probably mentioned this before but my computer is slow.  It barely hits acceptable standards.  So converting a video to a format where the quality looks nice takes roughly 10 to 12 hours. Kinda sucks when I have times where I can't even do any other activity on the net or record more content.  So pretty much a few days is spent on uploading rather than recording.  

Doing the Commentary

For one I only enjoyed the commentary during Livestreams. But that enjoyment went away when well nobody watches or chats. Doing commentary in my room without a stream not only makes me look like I'm insane to others. But honestly I have nothing to say most of the time.  Maybe during battle not during say cutscenes or even walking. Considering my set of viewers I recall having more people thanking me for doing playthroughs without me talking over them as opposed to doing commentary.  I really don't feel comfortable doing it and post commentary is just ugh.  Another reason I consider is a huge thing is if no one reads the blogs I post. Then why should I bother with commentary? 

Being a Bad Influence (Making a Band-Wagon)

This is something I want to avoid as much as humanly possible.  I've noticed on a lot of channels I either used to watch or I'm still currently watching.  That those guys exert a strong influence over there viewers.  They may not mean to. But I find that if you even remotely disagree with the person that uploads then their fans jump on your case attempting to make you feel stupid for not jumping on the band wagon.  To me it seems that everyone assumes that everyone else has the same situation as there own and think that you're life should be the same as there own.

It also doesn't help that a lot of times those Commentators make jokes or references even though they don't mean it. A lot of times it gets taken seriously.  Yeah you can say oh well that person has **** up his/her butt but that's no way to go about it.  I've heard bad jokes and heard thoughts where the person saying them should really consider their audience first.

Ex: "If you die here than you should just quit games entirely."  -Anonymous

 Perfectionism Needed??

This was something I felt was implied when watching a lot of Let's Plays. The apparent need to do a perfect run and edit out all your mistakes.  Personally I feel if you're doing a commentary. You edit within reason but don't be a total perfectionist about it.  Yeah people love no damage and speed runs but leave that for other videos.  When I hear commentators say "Well this fight/part is hard." I don't believe them for a second cause that part was either edited out or the run is perfect. I personally wanna see those mistakes so I can watch and say, "Oh well if and when I playthrough this game I'll be sure to watch out for that."  If I see a perfect run or tons of unnecessary editing my mind is thinking well this game is clearly easy and I shouldn't even bother playing it.

List of Good and Bad Examples

I've watched a few Let's Players and personally I came to either unsubscribe or keep watching.

Bad Examples

These guys at times not only spend forever in certain spots of the game and never edit them out. (Goes back to Unnecessary and necessary editing. comment earlier).  But a lot of times they'll talk about something completely irrelevant to the game.  Really its stuff to keep behind closed doors.  I ended up unsubscribing from these guys for those reasons.

While these guys end up in good and bad examples.  There commentaries crosses the line between Normal and chaotic. I generally blame the amount of commentators they have at times.  So a lot of times its normal then other times it turns into a chaotic comedy show and I totally lose interest in the video and just listen and laugh at them trying to talk over one another.  I do appreciate the fact that there's non-commentary footage of most of there games available to watch.

This channel strongly reflects my comments of being a bad-influence or a band-wagon.  They may not mean some of the things they say but disagreeing with them causes a good group of there fans to go into attack mode and force that person (or people) to feel stupid for thinking that way instead of being allowed to have a  opinion.  There's also points where they'll talk over one another and I eventually just watch them for the comedy.

Good Examples

Yo Videogames!
Even though these guys don't always upload things I like to watch.  The 2 (or sometimes 3) of them always manage to keep my interest.  Commentary that applies to the game most of the time and what I would call humans are playing the game. They're not trying to talk over one another and the trivia used is interesting.

I recently just started watching him.  And he focuses mainly on the game.  Not on useless facts. But mainly on the game itself.

There are times when these guys do good work.  So I have to give them credit for that.  When its the right combination of people involved in the commentary. It works.  Exactly who those ppl are? I'm not telling.

Anyway with that said I have considered doing commentary but it likely will not happen. And it definitely won't happen over games I already started.