Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog Update For June 2013 - Irony of Business

Progress Report

Well Its now beginning of June. Honestly if I look at the big picture I can say I made no progress as far as goals go.  If I look at smaller victories there isn't much to commend myself on. I guess I can say views have gone up slightly. But only slightly.  In terms of getting the audience to actually participate (Comment, give suggestions, like or dislike, etc.) Nothing.

A Slightly Deeper Look At Things

After managing to get something out of the viewers or non-viewers I can only reason that my views aren't up for a few things.
  • They only want new games
  • Youtube isn't helping with subscriber view
  • My Subscribers are generally dead.

Whatever the reason I have to do something to get more viewers and a bigger audience again I can't stand around wandering what's the cause.  I know commentary was suggested but after testing I found that Commentary isn't the way for me to go for videos.  LiveStreaming isn't a very good option either.  From what I've found these people don't care if I attempt to do such things.  So I have to take another route with this.  Finding it might be rather tough but well hard work pays off right?

When I say commentary is not the way for me. Its that I did a few test commentaries to see how the audience would respond.  Honestly I had a set number of views that I should have by a set date.  The views nor comments never met the goal (Not even close). I did what I could to make sure everyone knew about this but apparently the fans or well those that watch didn't like it. At least from what I'm seeing.

Making Plans

Like I mentioned before but no one seems to care or comment on. I plan to do a giveaway of some sort to earn more subscribers.  Honestly thinking about it.  6,000 subscribers these days is pretty much amounts to maybe less than 100 people actually watch.  Seeing everyone else's channel they have at least 3 to 7 times the amount I have.  So gaining more subscribers. Particulary ones that actually watch and not just subscribe for one video.  I know there's some that might think "oh well that's total hypocrisy, its never gonna work, etc." But honestly in terms of grabbing viewers I gotta treat this like a business or a job. I mean I already budget the money I get from the partnership so I can't just stick to doing the same thing and expect the same amount especially with this low amount of views.

Sick Of This

What has to happen however is that I have to somehow get people to watch and spread the word. The one thing I can say I dislike when it comes to this is being faced with people that either don't care or try to give an excuse.  The past few months I asked what I can do to improve views and generally I got, "Just keep doing what you're doing" response.

Honestly while I that would be acceptable to most people as its obviously easy to do. For me I can't accept that answer. The first reason being. That its not working and my numbers show it.  The 2nd reason cause it sounds like those people don't care which I can understand to an extent. But at the same time I would like some advice from someone that is successful.  Especially if they're friends (I think I need better friends).

I only found this when talking to some people and it could be just me thinking too much on this. But a lot of people instead dropping suggestions gave me responses like, "I only watch when I can." or "I don't have the time to watch".  I chalk those up as excuses mostly.  One when I was talking to those people they were in a random livestream either not paying attention to that stream or just being there to be there.  Honestly I don't know what those people are thinking yet, at the same time I have to be nice and say to myself, "Maybe there situation is different."

All the same its very hard to take those people seriously when I get responses like I have.  It really makes me wanna take matters into my own hands and be like "screw the viewers".

Something Has to Happen

All the same while waiting on these viewers to come out of hiding I need more responses than what I'm getting. I hate to be nagging on this point but I encourage you viewers to give suggestions good or bad. I still have to consider them.  If I don't get responses then I'll just have to make my own decisions based on the information I know works. And I know there's a lot of people that will not like that at all.