Saturday, May 4, 2013

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and 3 Demos

Well decided to give this game a try since its been awhile since I threw Naruto away.  Honestly even if it is the most decent of Anime based games I remember the PS2 versions of the game was by far the most broken.  Well this is one thing Namco-Bandai has done well in terms of the anime based game Franchises they have the rights to.

First thing I noticed the game uses EVERY button on the controller.  Minus the Right Stick every button does something.  The game is rather different to get used to.  Pretty much the controls are all dependant on Chakra and kinda wants me to know what action I want to do right away.  I can't go from charging Chakra (the meter) to instantly dashing.  The guard button being the Left and Right Triggers is rather confusing.  Especially if I want to do a substitution (Sorta a combo breaker for those that don't know about this game).

The combos are generally dependant on how you hold the left stick. I guess its for confusing your opponent so they don't substitute out of it easily although in a lot of cases  from what I remember about all the games a human player and the hardest AI will Substitute on the very first hit.  Attack with a special attack I feel takes practice. There's times where I did it and completely whiffed the attack which if this wasn't a demo I would be blown up for making such a mistake. Other times from what I remember other players doing is either somehow comboing it in with some crazy cancel or calling for an assist and using the opening to land a hit.

Probably the one thing really is a hassle at times is the QTE's.  The game does tip you off when its time for QTE's but some have such a short window it may be impossible to get on the first try.  What I do respect is that story scenes and battles do far better than what the anime does yet staying true to how the battle turns out.  I did watch both games from beginning to end and there are a few battles where I would wish wasn't just a normal fight.  One thing that bugs me is the amount of cutscenes the game has.  Seriously there's some scenes that go on for almost an hour. It seems Blazblue has affected the world of fighting games in one way or another.

The main thing that bugs me is the game's camera.  Instead of keeping the camera focused on yourself and acting as a sorta 3rd person view with a targeting camera like what some of the DBZ games have. The game keeps both players in view and whoever is closer to the screen is who the camera will focus on.  While it may not be possible to get confused as to who's who. This still bugs me to no end.  The amount of characters is also vast. Although I wish I could use Shukaku Gaara (like in Ultimate Ninja 3) as a character.

The fighting is rather balanced as any Anime Based Fighting game will get.  There's no doubt that certain characters will no doubt be overpowered cause of how many fans that character has or story related crap.  But at least its still possible to win...I think.  From what I watched its rather obvious that many ppl will use the popular characters or really the overpowered ones like in any fighting game so I can honestly expect that if I go online that I'll see the same characters constantly.

The music...while it does fit the mood Cyber Connect 2 has a bad habit of all there songs sounding completely the same. Even worse than Motoi Sakuraba's stuff (see Tales of Series, Star Ocean, Golden Sun, etc.).  While it does set the mood a lot of in my opinion gets boring fast.  I know if and when I get this I'll make changes to the music.

I might get this game first I want to get a few others out of the way and make sure I have online in order. As to which one first I haven't decided.

BTW if you're wondering what I think about the voice acting. I pretty much consider if its the same as the anime. If you have authentic voice acting I don't care if to others it sounds bad in english it's good to me.