Friday, May 10, 2013

Okami (PS2) Day 1

So I started Okami.  Generally 1 cause the fans wanted it.  But I haven't even opened it till this point.  I know I was gonna enjoy the game just wanted to save it for much much later. FYI I had this game for a good 5 to 6 years and never opened it. Looking at the opening I wasn't entirely sure how battles would be drawn out. Whether it was gonna be DMC style or Zelda style. I watched a little gameplay before starting it seemed like the person playing didn't know what to do. So I was thinking this might be Zelda-ish. I only generally know Ammy in terms of UMvC3 and her being GOD-Hard to master (another story for another day).

So starting the game I actually opened the manual first to see how the game handles. Seems rather simple but I would have to pay attention to my surroundings. Then the manual listed all of this Lore stuff that I just skimmed over.  Its a ton to read.

When actually playing the game A few things made sense to me as to who was who in the random artwork I have.  I even have the artbook of this game.  I just started randomly breaking stuff when I saw the money dropping I figured, "I better collect a good amount cause I bet the shops are expensive." Just randomly destroying pots and things.  Meeting Issun I thought of him as a Perv. He would always mention about jumping into that goddess's kimono and then when he tells you his plan I'm like, "His character is totally different from that of UMvC3." In UMvC3 Issun is all about business and finding Orochi while Ammy just does what she wants. Seeing Ammy act its kinda like she doesn't care but does.  The funny moments I got when it came to Issun and me trying to paint. First he was like did someone try to paint something?  Later on he went saying there's no way I could've done that.  I think the funniest one was painting the Sun.  Issun says I can't paint the sun which really at the time I wasn't trying to. I was really trying draw the wind that kept blowing cause I thought it was clue. Turns out I need to draw the Sun anyway. Talking with the townsfolk is rather entertaining. I instantly grasped that in order to get stronger I need to do random sidequest even if I didn't know what they were. So the first I did unexpectedly was apparently fight some monsters and kill em quickly.  Then another was dig out all these radishes without getting Twacked.  All rather funny IMO. The bark and bite actions is rather funny to do.

The main quest I first apparently had to restore the statue of the hero which earned me a brush technique and my first battle.  After I got that brush technique to cut almost anything I started testing it immediately. So many things I can cut. I also found out water hurts me. Getting to town more battles but talking with all the townspeople was rather productive.  Although Susano seems to be the worst villager ever. I had to bite him, tackle him, etc.  He deserved it.  I AM AMATERASU I RUN THIS VILLAGE NOW!!! After letting Susano "Break the Rock" (with my help). He immediately ran off and went to who knows where so he can "vanquish evil".  After traveling the world a bit I end up at the front of my first dungeon. So I guess I'll get started on that next week. I don't wanna overload myself on one game so sorta taking it slow. Anyway so far I'm liking Okami.