Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Okami Day 2 - Oh I like these Paint controls...Now I hate them....

So Day 2.  Lets Clear out this dungeon hope there's a boss at the end of it. Nope but here's a method to purifying the world.  Well that works. Now we have a method that's probably gonna be used through the entire game.  So now we got a somewhat vast field to explore.  And what looks like more tutorial.  Ok so I guess this Moon Temple is the last place I'll be going to in the game or nearly the last.  But a bounty hunting sidequest this looks fun...assuming I can find them all.

Hey some bomb expert guy.  Wonder if I'll learn some new painting skill.  Yep....and quite a few nice looking fireworks as well.  Wonder how powerful this bomb is...and WTF is with this rock?  Can't dig it up. Can't blow it up....wonder how I'm supposed to break it.  Oh well maybe I'll get something later on.  What next.

Evil demon forts...Oh battle arenas cool.  These monsters aren't tough am I even getting hit???? Oh hey a dojo...so this is where I learn moves.  Ok I gotta save up for that taunt move.  I really want those demon fangs....

Issun that's enough exploring I clearly can't advance any further lets go back to Kamiki....Shut up Issun.  So Kamiki experiencing some joy...except the old man.  Apparently I gotta restore all these trees. Wait I can restore these trees. I thought they were supposed to stay that way.  Ok...Mrs.Orange has a Raging Demon....QUICK MAKE HER DLC!!!  After restoring all the trees we get to see Mr. Orange's drunken dance...is he ok?  I mean seriously?  Now Sakuya is acting differently too...she so happy she stripped.....Um.....ok.....But learned a technique to travel across water so that's cool.

So now some more areas opened up..just like Zelda.  Lets see what else is open to us.  Ok so this is a new area.  And its CURSED SERIOUSLY!!! Ok where can I go...random fortune teller's house.  She left me this confusing hint.....Really?....Ok I'm already in a dense forest but I don't see where I can blow a rock up except outside and its not blowing up.....uh...Help?  Maybe I'm not in the right place lets look around more closely maybe I missed something....Well its not on the field. Maybe it is back there.

Kinda irritating.  Oh its there....I didn't think I could walk along this edge here I mean the cursed area is rather vast.  Oh a new weapon...Beads!!!! Wonder how they work. Well no real time to get used to them got a boss fight.  Wait so soon? I haven't tested these out in combat yet.

So Pillow Talk is a legendary sword? I thought it was some weapon Bayonetta could get that had something to do with sex.  Anyway Seriously so soon.  I have to get used to this new weapon.....Well time to get serious I guess.  Ok that's a relief...its over.  And of course this dude says I'm not good enough to save world blah blah blah.  Like he's any better.  Well now that forest is mostly purified lets have a good look around.

So this kid lost his dog on a random adventure....then lost the key to the dungeon.   -_-  Well time to help out I guess by Fishing!!!  I miss the old Breath of Fire style of fishing.  Oh well at least this is easy.  Seriously only 3 fish and we already found the key.  Awesome.  Nope you're not coming to rescue your dog. That's my job.  So lets open this dungeon first.  Then have a look around.

So I can't advance any farther till I beat this dungeon apparently the rapids can't be crossed yet. This dungeon isn't so bad so far just rather long?  Well poison water that I can't even remotely cross.  New enemy who's defenses are rather high.  And probably the most wonky specific Paint move I ever obtained.  So I gotta draw it from the flower to wherever first.....Ok its touching Ammy....what's wrong now...Seriously I gotta be perfect to get this work?  Geez....

Hey a boss fight....Wait why would you put this quick save gate right here when there's a save point back there?  Sigh.  Giant Spider Queen boss.  I'm reminded of a Zelda Windwaker boss that fought rather similar to this thing.  But again PAINT CONTROLS!!! How precise do have to be?  Ok this reflect weapon isn't working....lets try the beads.  Well that's much easier.  With her defeated we get a new weapon...Another reflector. Hmmm cool glad I didn't use gold dust to power up the older one.  So now we have a purpose in killing these bosses.

Ok so outside this kid feels bad about leaving his dog behind and is now reinvigorated to take on any task or challenge. Lesson learned. So that's it. He's gonna go make that bridge...wait...Susano's here too....oh boy....Well this could be fun.  Oh dear.... And paint controls argh!!!!  Seriously I gotta be that precise.  Sigh....well we're safe.  Think I'll call it a day I gotta convert all this stuff and I don't wanna fill my Desktop with too many files.

But looking forward to more. Getting very hard to describe everything I'm doing lol.

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