Sunday, May 19, 2013

Okami Day 3 - I GOT A SWORD!

Okay maybe I did too much this time.  But lets start where I left off.


Spider Queen Dead. Move on to the next town but first lets check out some sidequest first.  Fishing so enjoyable.  Well until troll fish came out to ruin it. Seriously every time I had it I got trolled.  Other than that I AM FISHING MASTER!!! No not really.  The Next Sidequest was frustrating that Sleepy Bear from earlier. He likes sphere like objects so I gotta ROLL one up to him.  Ok so first its an Acorn. Then a rock or something but this last A dead wasp nest???  ARGH!!!!!  I WILL KILL THIS BEAR!!!

Issun: Stop it that's Animal Abuse!


Seriously rolling that Wasp Nest was such a problem since it wanted to roll wherever it wanted to.  This took forever.....Glad its over....


Ok on to the next town and its that French accent wannabe Waka again....and he answers with another boss fight.  Ok seriously I gotta have something that does great amount of damage....I'm beginning to suspect that this dude isn't a good guy.  I really need to remember that I have a dodge.  Oh well tree is blooming again and town is purified!  Now to explore and wonder what the heck the Serpent Crystal is.

1st Notable area a creepy house that still has this eerie feeling of darkness despite there being sunlight...and an old lady with a knife that wants to cut me up RUN LIKE HELL!!!  Ok what's her problem?

Next a village of Sparrow unique...and there daughter is missing so they're not taking any visitors. BUT I'M AMATERASU LET ME...ahhhh forget it. Guess I gotta find this daughter.  Add that to the list.

Guardian Dogs

Now here's a town of interest. Wait its cursed so bad I'm losing my paint!!! WHAT?!!!  And this shop has another Reflector Divine Weapon for sale....crap....there goes saving up for that taunting technique. Sigh...And my paint is still draining seriously what's going on in this town.  Ah there's my source.  Princess about to be eaten by demons...and me with no paint....Actually this looks neat to fight with no paint make a MvC Character based off this Capcom.  Ok so Princess Fuse is apparently supposed to summon these guardians to defeat the demon that's causing these problems.  And apparently they're not answering.....No Issun that's not our....fine...Well look for em.  Apparently they're all a bunch of lazy dogs that want food....Geez this town isn't that big but they hide pretty well too.  Ok that's 4....the 5th one doesn't look lazy in fact he wants a fight.  Is it ok to fight a dog?  I guess it is...

Ok so there's 3 more I need to find and they're....on the other places...of the world map.....sigh.....backtracking I go...Ok so on the way back first hear a random hint about the missing Sparrow Daughter....old dude orders a bird cage may have her.  Worth checking out.  Well the old man is there but still no real hint as to what to do.  I'll come back.  So Kushi is apparently having trouble making the special sake.  Well I can't control any water so she's on her own I guess.  So back all the way to KAMIKI VILLAGE!!! REALLY!!!

The Not So Lazy Guardian Dogs

So this dog that's been here since the start of the game is one of the guardians.  And he wants a fight...ok I guess....wait did this dog try to piss on me?!  OH THAT'S IT!!!  And it turns out the real guardian died awhile back and Hayabusa the dog in Kamiki Village is just filling in. Not only that he refuses to leave because he foresaw a premonition about his master's life.  So he just leaves us his orb and we move on. Wait Hayabusa has that scarf around his neck...does that mean yep...I know where next one is even though its on my map anyway.

Well Kushi still having issues with the water bit can't help her and the dog Ume is missing....hmmmm....well lets try to find the next one. Ok so the last dog is at the Sparrow Inn.....and they're not letting anyone in till I find the missing Daughter...So back to that creepy house.  Ok after blowing a hole in there roof apparently there's something to do with the moonlight revealing various things true form.  And these old ppl keep talking about not liking the moonlight....ok so how do I get them in the moonlight?....wait I can drag them in by Bitting them that's what its for.  oh ok makes sense now.  So they reveal their true form hey a new enemy type. That's honestly easier to deal with than those demon fish.  Ok with them gone now this place doesn't seem so creepy.  And what's in the box. None other than THE....bratty Sparrow Daughter......Alright lets bring her home.

And by bringing her home we get a rather luxurious welcome.  This Hotel has everything but TV....Oh hey gifts thanks but could get a new weapon or some gold dust?  Too much?  Out back its the Hot Springs...hey where's the water?  So I need to go digging for it ok?  The old man will help out with that. Dig Dug!!! So we got the hot springs back and found another paintbrush technique. Awesome now we can control the water.  But what I'm truly looking for is that missing dog and there he is. And like the others he wants a fight. Really well at least he's not trying to pee on me.  He says he can't go back cause the sparrows love him so much....again....left with his orb and I guess that leaves Ume.

Oh hey we can help Kushi now with the sake.  I guess I'll help her even though I've been gone long enough that she should've been able to fill the darn thing herself. Hope I don't have to carry it.  Nope its not fill at all seriously how lazy are these ppl?  Fine I'll fill it I need the practice.  And its full and apparently that's some specail sake cause those Imps can't touch it.  Oh hey its...Susano...really?.....sigh....Fine I'll play along but not before I have some fun first.  I think he's starting to catch on to my antics....creepy.  *whistles* Oh wait gotta help Ume...who's been swallowed by a fish called the WHOPPER!!!! Really that's what its called?  Skipping the Burger King joke lets GET FISHING!!!  FISHING MASTER IS BACK!!! ARRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!

Ok after catching the WHOPPER!!! I guess Ume is dead??? So does that mean I feel kinda sad wait gotta fill in this constellation first.  Awesome I can change day into night now....wait does that mean I can change night into day?  Oh sweet I can.  Well alright then.  Um...I guess I take Ume's orb...oh no he's not dead and he's challenging me to a fight...and his real name is JIN!!!!! And Jin apparently stands for justice...that explains Blazblue CS and CP.  And Jin digs holes and also pees on me....

-_- RAGE......
Noel: You're no longer my superior Jin Kisaragi! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!!!

And like the other 2 Ume can't leave either. These guys saved his life before and he intends to repay that favor.  So orb get lets just get back.  Sigh....

So uh Princess Fuse I'm back and here the other dogs kinda said screw you so yeah....oh like I expected since I got here destiny has me go to the dungeon bring the wind back and defeat this demon.  Wait is this a new weapon....nope....sigh.

Bringing the Wind Back

So Gale Shrine. Wow this seems quite short. This can't be the demon I'm looking for? Also multiples of this Chimera enemy could be trouble in the future.  Meet the Wind God.  So my job's done? guess not gotta kill the demon.  These windmills are kinda wonky but thanks for that hint about using Triangle and Square to draw.  Ah so this is the boss.  This is Crimson Helm...Seriously?  This all you got? Don't waste my time.  Its Susano...ok seriously if Susano is here you seriously fail as a boss fight.  I'm really getting worried that Susano might know about the 4th Wall now.  Anyway what I came here for anyway the Serpent Crystal.  With this we can fight Oro....chi...DAMNIT WAKA!!!  Fine you go open the door I'll fight him....seriously what is this guy's deal?  Thanks abound for bringing the wind back we gots a new brush tech in the process. I'm Satisfied although could really use some praise. I guess its time to go back to Kamiki for the 100th Annual Orochi's Not Here Ruining Our Lives Festival!  Issun apparently wants to get drunk....sigh...

Epic Showdown Time With Orochi!  

So finally get back and apparently Susano is the worst drunk in existence!  Seriously he drunk all the special sake...Locked himself in his house and is whining about being a descendant of Nagi. Then he explains that he was the one who released Orochi. ran between towns and put a giant rock in front of Kamiki. Now he's saying **** the gods. Well this can't be good.  In terms of God & Demon lore. You start shunning the gods in a loud voice something bad is about to go down.  And it does.  So its back to old school days when Orochi chose which female he wanted to eat.  And Hayabusa saves his master from the arrow that would've killed him.  Guess his premonition was right on the money.  Ok back on track...this is really trouble.  Kushi's been selected as the female to be eaten. Susano you gotta do something the girl you got a crush on is gonna die. Come on man I know what its like to be expected to live up to your ancestors expectations its a sucky life. But you gotta do something ok you know what nevermind you useless drunk I'll save the day and beat the game like I'm supposed to cause I'm ****ing Amaterasu.  Kushi intends to go anyway?  WTF does she plan to do?  Oh like the old times make him drink the sake get him drunk and finish him off. I'm down with this plan.

So on the way to the Moon Shrine Waka is standing there about to open the gate.  Kushi was just kidnapped. Ok so the plan is save Kushi kill Orochi. Simple.  I guess Waka will help little with him later. Seriously leaving me trapped behind this barrier....Ugh....focus.  Place is rather final dungeon material. But now I'm questioning is this really the end of the game or is there some sort of new game+?  Alright you imps here's how its gonna go I'm gonna beat the living crap outta each and every one of ya kill your boss walk out with the girl watch the ending....wait you're laughing?...Huh?...why are they not taking me seriously? I'M AMATERASU!!! I guess name does nothing in this instead of busting the place up we're gonna play Sneak in?  But I wanna beat monsters up!  And our clever disguise is a piece of paper with a sign on it....HOW IS THIS EVEN WORKING?!

So apparently before Orochi eats Kushi he's apparently gotta have an appetizer.  And this appetizer's ingredients are so nasty....fine I'll get em...Sigh....and I find out that not only fire hurts me but touching ice blocks hurt as well.  I can't just bust em up.  Oh hey another god is trapped here. Freedom and looky I have firebending....not really...After spending so much time for those ingredients we can finally reach Orochi and have this EPIC SHOWDOWN!!! YEAH LETS DO THIS!

I can finally remove this stupid piece of paper and throw down!  Drink that sake....uh...not working.....guess its not gonna be easy.  Oh well wouldn't be final boss if it was that easy.  Let's dance anyway.....and attacks aren't working cause of a do I break this barrier?  Wait Susano? He finally manned up and is gonna fight for real?!  Hey he broke the barrier alright time for the real....and Susano declares his love for Kushi awwww....Susano and Kushi's love created a miracle the sake turned into the Sacred Sake now Orochi can truly be beaten. Finally lets throw down!

Ok get Orochi heads drunk then attack the bell. Got it.  Took a minute but I got it down.  Now to finish this guy off for good.

*Plays "A Hot Wind Blowing" from MGR OST

On my own
Invisible warrior
I am a wind of destruction

All men who bend their will

We fight for justice
In a forgotten place
Fulfill our duty
Then vanish without a trace

Don't need a medal
For all the men we kill
Freedom is calling
To all men who bend their will

Wind of destruction

Oh right the fight.  Alright Susano I'll let you get the finishing blow.  You actually deserve it for once.  And with that Orochi is gone and I GOT A SWORD!!!  But is this the end of the game?  We're missing a couple of things. Like what about that city that was closed off? The other 4 Brush Gods?  The other Divine Weapons? Well whatever maybe its new game plus...oh its not.  Well still celebrating.  Wonder where Susano and Kushi went? I don't care I want to spoil their love moment.  Well I guess our next journey to the city. But what's this some Dun Dun Dun going on?  I knew Waka had some ulterior motives.

On the Way to the City

So on the way complete a few other sidequest. Apparently everyone is either back to normal routine or left for elsewhere.  The City entrance all I can say is...whoops.....Well we get there and as expected. We have another cursed zone to deal with. Time to get to work.  But lets take a break I told you this was a long day.

I'm still rather steamed about the whole dogs taking a piss on Ammy like that....This is gonna be a ton to upload.

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