Friday, May 31, 2013

Okami Day 4??? I think Another long day but OMG GHOST OMG WATER DRAGON!!

So RyoShima Coast got hit pretty bad by the cursed zone.  Look off the cliff and all I see is black.  Must be a guardian sapling somewhere. And honestly this was easy to get to.  No real need for any real tricks.  Love how this game makes sure you have a use for every move in the game unlike Zelda. Not to say Zelda's bad but they don't really make use of every item you get often. So that purification was easy.  Why do I think of Yuna dancing everytime I see this?  Anyway.  Man this place is pretty vast.  New enemies to learn attack patterns of as well.  Gonna have a field day I see.

So the priestess is out doing whatever I have a feeling I'll be back here.  Oh wow a sunken ship. Dragon you say? Psh...I can handle some dumb old water dragon let me at em.  But I can't see everything on the sea WHY?!  Oh I need double jump....WHERE DO I GET THAT?! AND WHY WASN'T THIS MOVE IN MARVEL 3? Ok so continued exploration shows that the training master changed locations....and he has more moves to teach.  Seriously?  God those are expensive.  A new taunt move? I'm kinda afraid of what Ammy will do with it. But I need ONE MILLION bucks! UGH! Can I whip out a gameshark please?  Oh hey Double Jump!  Thanks old man.

So back to that area I couldn't reach. I have double jump now. And wow it does look nice to look at.  Oh so drawing the moon opens the dungeon.  Rather awesome. Well lets explore.  I get blocked by a cursed door. Seriously I need better powers. I seem to get the door slammed in my face every time I want to do something.  Sigh might as well leave. I bet this is one of those dungeons that only opens at night.  Oh well I'll figure it out at some point.  Guess I should go to town now.

Oh wait improved digging ability.  Making use of it.  So this first area I dig in is a boss refight?! Awesome.  Lets Go.  I feel a bit pumped now. Lets backtrack a bit I remember a few areas where I couldn't dig.  Awesome Apparently I found the mole's secret treasure stash. Finder's Keepers as they say. I'm sure he wouldn't mind.

Man this town is messed up. A port city eh.  But no water.  Well lets see what other problems we have.  Cursed Zones here and there. Queen isn't accepting visitors. Emperor is rather mean...Plumbing Issues. Ppl are feeling sick cause of this weird air.  Seems everything is somehow connected to this water dragon. But lets tackle what we can first.  Its time to play Dig Dug again.  I seriously forgot that I could use Wind Powers here. I didn't think about it since before I didn't have it.  And with that we have water.  Awesome.  But still cursed zones scattered about.  Well at least we can advance further.  So this guy won't lower the bridge until he gets his precious sword which apparently can be found in the water.  Fishing? Yep....

THE FISHING MASTER IS BACK! I gotta buy you a fishing pole....-_-....sigh.  Here. NOW LET THE FISHING COMMENCE! Well that was easy and it turns out the sword he was looking for is a fish that a....sword?  Well you gonna lower the bridge or what?  Ok that's better. And we find Waka....I don't trust this guy...yet for now we seem to have the same enemy. So cross the bridge and find that our truant priestess hangs out here. And....OMG....Issun....Thank you for saying it now I feel better....wait she doesn't get it. Oh boy....Um....what are you doing here?  Don't you know I could've ransacked your place and got the million I need.  So you're helping these people and you want to do something about the water dragon by finding this item.  Alright I'll help you. I mean that's what I'm here for. So its back to the Ghost Ship. Good I wanted to explore it. My treasure hunter senses are tingling.

She said she would meet us here at the Entrance. Oh well go in without her. But that cursed door....oh here she is...How and when did you get here?  So your power can dispel these curses good.  Man this place is creepy. OH GOD GET AWAY FROM ME YOU GHOST!! I CAN"T KILL EM!!! GET AWAY!!!  So my new enemies now are fish enemies well at least they're not too much trouble oh wow a shark.  So we didn't find this special item but we found something else. Some random hammer.  Well gets out of the ship...YES I'M A SLOW SWIMMER WHAT'S THE PROBLEM. Water Dragon? Psh I can handle some water dra.....Uh oh......RUN!!!!! I MEAN SWIM!!! Wow she can jump how did she do that?

Barely escaped actually he was quite a ways back.  But how am I supposed to take that down?  I didn't think I would have to battle in the water....ok yeah that did sounded stupid.  So back to the city. Well time to figure where this mist is coming from. I hope to find out what this hammer wants me to do.  Oh how convenient a hole in the wall. So that's what this hammer is for. Time to see the world in a different perspective I guess.

Wow check out how small I am. Man this is crazy.  Issun you're not a flea?  Ok then. So lets explore this dungeon. Hey a crying lady. Oh come on Issun not all ladies that cry are ugly man.  She needs help.  So if we deal with the Emperor she'll be set free.  Alright that's cool.  But man being small and these janitors.  How am I gonna get past em? So this other path shows us a way inside some bottle.  I'm trapped?  But what's with this smoke. Oh god are we getting drunk?  So a God was hidden in here.  And apparently this god is drunk.  Oh boy.  So drunk he can do bullet time.  And now I can do bullet time.  So now I can get past all those problem areas.

So on to the Emperor. He's breathing this rather noxious gas. I guess I get to play doctor now?  Time to operate. So a some cursed warrior is controlling him.  I'll fix that with the power of Time Slow! I really gotta stop being reckless.  But this boss is done.  No more gas.  And the emperor and the pretty damsel in distress are happy.  Awesome.  But now this damsel says she has to go back to some area and just rushed off.  I'll follow her later. I don't like to leave a town undone. And there's the Queen.

Well apparently if I get the trees fixed I'll have another old man dance.  Well that should fixed these Cursed Trees. We apparently have a ghost problem.  And we have a thief problem.  Alright then.  Lets help this town.  Took forever to find all the trees. Clever to hide one on his head.  I honestly didn't see it.  Ok now that that problem is solved I think I'll take a break.  I'm bushed.

This will be uploaded around mid-June sorry. I got tons of complaints about uploading too many all at once.